Disappointed In Newspaper



I am disappointed in the Payson Roundup’s reporting on recent school board meetings. The Roundup has repeatedly published an unseemly caricature of “bitter attacks” from “angry villagers, waving pitchforks” in support of Principal Dunman.

In actuality, the only irritation expressed was in response to the condescending tone used to “belittle” the public opinion.

And while the most recent stories have been revised to report of gross inaccuracies (damage already done), the bias persists by suggesting that appropriate action was thwarted by legal formality.

In fact, the quoted lawyer did not merely suggest a breach of policy, but that the discipline itself may be wildly inappropriate. The Roundup further quoted seditious remarks attributed to Mr. Dunman, but failed to note that they were actually allegations from unnamed sources.

Unfortunately, “the accounts released so far” have yet to include anything from the principal you disparage. The respectable reputation that Mr. Dunman has earned with so many years of tireless service to this town is being poorly treated by this sensationalist reporting. The Payson Roundup is better than this. Thank you.

Jared Tenney


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