Hint Of Fall In The Air Up In Christopher Creek


Christopher Creek is chillin’ ... that is to say, there’s a hint of fall in the air. It’s time for campfires and bugling. It’s time to think about getting another jag of firewood in. According to Chuck, that first frost is gonna make all those apples that much sweeter. That brings to mind the question ... what’s a little town like this do with 25 tons of apples? Do the math: 4-ounce apples, 1,000 per tree, easily 50 trees around the Creek.


Greg Kuntz and his “Milepost to Somewhere.”

Leo and Mary are off to the Valley for the winter. They left all the pears for us to harvest and there’s a bunch. He noted we’ve had two-tenths under 15 inches of rain out of the rainy season. Not bad, but that won’t set any records. When Leo walked the loop he would stop by and sit out on the carport to rest. We would trade stories about life in the Midwest when we were kids. We will miss that.

We had a big red, brown bull in town this week ... bovine that is. Four-year-old Gavin Handy became extremely tickled at the suggestion that we name him “Hamburger.” Ilene Kittock was not tickled that “Hamburger” decided to nap in her yard. She skipped her walk with the girls that morning so as not to antagonize her uninvited guest. Guess she couldn’t get “Hamburger” to moo-ve.

Greg and Becky Kuntz hosted friends John and Joan Scott from Richmond, Va. last week. They even made a visit to see the 1960 Suburban in process of restoration at a shop in Payson!

Greg has a project going down on Columbine. You see he had a dead oak right along the road. You know, one with all the bark off, all smooth and sun-bleached. So Greg “repurposed” the old oak to become the “Milepost to Some­where.” He’ll find out where friends or neighbors are from originally, then, as if by magic, a mileage sign to that hometown appears within a day or two. A couple of interesting hometown names are Clifton Forge, Va. and Gas City, Ind.

Mimi Tidwell and yours truly were treated to a birthday dinner at the Landmark, last evening. Mimi celebrated her 93rd and me ... not so many. Thank you, Rosemary.

Backtrailin’ a bit ... there have been some messages received from folks unable to attend the 1970 Labor Day Flood Reunion. Author Don Dedera was unable to attend, but opined that the death toll could have been much larger had not the Boy Scout Camp been moved from across the road from Kohl’s Ranch to Camp Geronimo, 10 years earlier.

Heather Fuller was out of state on the date of the memorial. She really wanted to be here. So now she would like to meet with members of the committee. She “needs” to tell her story. You see, she and another companion were pulled from the rampaging waters as seven family members were washed away at the Horton bridge.

From Gary Anderson is this reminder ... On Saturday, Oct. 12, the FireBelles will be holding their Second Annual Fall Car Show. It will be held at the fire station from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The event was so popular last year that car club members asked to return to the Creek again. There is still time to register a spot for your classic car or to reserve a booth for your arts, crafts or other attractions. There will be food, fun and more for all who come to ogle the Olds or covet the Corvette. To register your car or rent a booth, call Linda at (928) 478-4011 or e-mail her at linda@ ckfire.org.

The photo sharing “Tribute to Christopher Creek” FB group hit 150 members this week. There’s a bit of chat there, also.

Back in the day ... 34 years ago Heber White and Woody put together a party out on Sharp Creek. It was the evening of the second Tuesday after Labor Day. It was a celebration of a successful summer season. Participants were waitresses and bartenders, cooks and dishwashers and folks from the Creek. Sitting by the fire, at the recent edition of this annual affair, after all had gone home, there was an opportunity to reflect on all those folks from back then. All are gone ... some permanently, the rest have drifted away. Each year of this tradition, there are a handful of new folks who have become a part of the Creek. Each year, there are those no longer with us ... one way or another. The event is affectionately named for our seasonal visitors. Whether this is a “salute” or “thank goodness they are gone” is left up to each individual. A clue might be in the fact that the 35th Annual Flatlander Party will be held next year the second Tues­day AFTER Labor Day ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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