County Closes Books On Pine Creek Canyon Road


The work on Pine Creek Canyon Road concluded almost a year ago, but only this week did the books get closed on the project and put back on the shelf.

The project started more than 10 years ago as a plan was made and the county started to secure rights of way to widen the road. Pine Creek Canyon Road is said to lead into property that is among that at highest risk for catastrophic wildfire in the country.

The painstaking process not only included getting rights of way, but also involved varying phases of design; working with consulting and project engineers and a total of 23 change orders; cable, water, electric and propane companies moving lines and pipes; and fighting uncooperative weather.

Making 5,000 feet of Pine Creek Canyon Road wider and smoother was never, ever a straight-line proposition.

As the county supervisors closed the books on it at the board’s Oct. 1 meeting, it was noted the project cost a total of $1.43 million.

PSWID and the project

As part of the action Tuesday, the county also released $8,783 to the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District.

The money is the balance owed the water district from its contribution to the project cost.

The county and PSWID made an intergovernmental agreement in February 2012 to have water line and other district improvements made on Pine Creek Canyon Road during the course of construction. As part of the IGA, the water district provided the county with $294,809 for the work, which included upgrading the aging distribution system with larger lines, and the installation of fire hydrants.


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