Gosar And Conservatives Doing The People’S Business



Correcting your view on “All the while they’re still getting paid.”

You state in your Oct. 4 editorial that: “the law (Obamacare) passed legitimately almost four years ago.” You may remember it was “deemed” passed. That legislation which was unconstitutional was re-written by the Supreme Court who invented a new interpretation of the actual law by making it a legal tax.

You state “(The Republicans) lost the election.”

Maybe you forgot about all those Republicans that were elected in 2010 on the pledge they would work to repeal the Obamacare mess that remains unpopular by a large majority of the American public. The same Republicans were re-elected to the House in 2012 with the same mandate. They will be re-elected again in 2014!

Have you checked the president’s popularity? Benghazi, IRS scandal, wolves for Rim Country, Fast and Furious, the border security fiasco, Keystone Pipeline, EPA regulations that kill coal, global warming (even though the earth has not warmed in the last 15 years) and so many more! These are the reasons that we need an effective House of Representatives that reflects the people’s views, not a dictatorship that makes its own laws by executive order.

I am so thankful we have a representative like Paul Gosar. He and his fellow conservatives are doing the people’s business.

Vicki Cool


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