No Problem With Wolves



There is a long history of wolves in Arizona as they are the natural natives of the area and resided here until the mid-1900s. The important thing is to focus on the survival of the species. For recovery, they need an updated recovery plan, new DNA, extended boundaries and more releases. The last release was five years ago.

Wolves are the underwriters of balanced ecologies and in your area coyotes are an ongoing problem. Wolves are the natural antagonist to the coyote. In Yellowstone they reduced an unhealthy number of elk that the land could not support. The drought was working against the elk also. Mr. Goughner does not understand the positive ecology effects for the park. With wolves, the land rebounded and became healthy.

I am a person who lives in Montana in the midst of wolves. We have no cages built around bus stops for children. Wolves stay away from humans.

As for economic effects, the Yellowstone area has a boon of $35.5 million for the communities. People want to see the wolves and the dollars speak loudly.

The polling for Arizona and New Mexico is 87 percent and 75 percent in favor of reintroduction of the wolves. The people understand the value of their work.

Fear mongering by Mr. Goughner is unproductive and with false information.

The wolves deserve credible information. They are here for a reason, let them fill their role.

Cheryl Kindschy


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