Shame On Democrats In Washington



They’re at it again. One side wants to fund parts of the federal government that all can agree need funding while the other side wants to shut down everything and punish the American people with pain across the board because it’s their way or the highway.

Let me explain. The World War II veterans memorial in Washington, D.C. is an open memorial. You walk on sidewalks and view the monuments recognizing the places where the bravest came from and sometimes gave their lives for us.

Now the Democratic administration led by Barack Obama and the Democratic Senate led by Harry Reid sees it necessary to prevent WWII veterans like my father-in-law from visiting this museum because the government is shutdown. The administration orders seven park guards to get barricades and put them up to keep American veterans from just walking (and many vets actually were in wheelchairs) to visit their memorial. That’s more guards than Obama used to protect our ambassador and three other Americans who were killed in Benghazi.

Think of that for a minute.

Park guards were hardly ever present at the open air WWII memorial. Now Obama feels it necessary to erect barricades to keep Ameri­cans from visiting this memorial. Imagine our elected town council in Payson having some budget issues and deciding to close down Green Valley Park with barricades and park guards. Those elected politicians would be out of jobs within the week.

And the Democratic administration is repeating this all over America. Mount Vernon, the home of our founder and first president, George Washington, had barricades put up by the National Park Service to block small parking lots and turnarounds for buses. But do you know Mount Vernon has been a non-profit, privately run operation for 150 years? The NPS has stationed officers along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal that runs 194 miles from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Md. to make sure nobody uses the bike paths. It would have required less manpower to keep this trail untouched and open. However, Lincoln Park in D.C., which is known to be used by several Democratic Senators, was not shut down. Shame on you Democrats in Washington.

Does President Obama and the Democratic Senate really want to be the bullies of America, going out of their way to hurt Americans by shutting down government just to make political points? I know several Democrats in Payson and they need to tell their leaders in Washington, D.C. to stop this game of deliberately hurting Americans and sit down at the table with Republicans to resolve the differences.

Anne Ascoli


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