Wolf Science, Not Myths



The Mexican gray wolf was reintroduced in Arizona and New Mexico 15 years ago. Births are limited as there’s only two breeding pair. These magnificent creatures continue to struggle to survive. The need for introducing more pairs is required to increase the genetic pool, ensuring their chances for recovery.

Wolves’ territory needs expanding, those ranchers concerned about wolves attacking livestock, should contain livestock, this would also reduce the many vehicle collisions involving livestock.

There are Mexican grays waiting for years for releasing, still the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service continues to stall, wasting valuable time and taxpayer funds. This delay is causing inbreeding and weakens the genetic pool, which will reduce the Mexican grays survival if and when they are released.

Wolves fear man, and avoid him at all cost; it’s shameful man doesn’t give wolves the same respect.

Wolves kill for survival, taking the weak, herds are stronger, and nature’s balance is maintained.

Yellowstone National Park is an example of the value wolves have in the environment and economy. Tourism increased because of wolves. Millions visit YNP to see wolves, spending their income in surround areas.

As wolves recover, businesses’ profits increase; business should be strong supporters for wolves.

A poll conducted by Defender shows the majority of citizens in Arizona and New Mexico want wolves to thrive, and want the Fish & Wildlife Service to ensure full recovery.

Science should be used regarding wolves, not myths. Wolves need nurturing in their recovery from man’s trophy collecting.

Irene Sette


Donald Cline 3 years, 3 months ago

Well, Irene, it appears you need to do a bit more research. First of all, there are not just two breeding pair. There are quite a few, and many are interbred with dogs, which has both changed their behavior and their ability to survive. For one thing they are nurtured in cages and fed by man, and they have no fear of man once they are released. But how many there are or how they are bred are not nearly as important as the underlying reason for the program, and the underlying reason doesn't have a darned thing to do with "magnificent animals" or some airheaded desire to release an efficient and deadly predator in mankind's environment where children wait at bus stops to go to school in the morning and walk home from the bus stop at night. The purpose of the wolf reintroduction program is part of the UN Agenda 21 program to re-establish wilderness areas where human beings are not allowed. It is part of the plan to crowd human beings into little rabbit-warren villages where everyone works and plays and raises family in a four or five-acre village where no one needs a car and everyone walks to and from work or rides bicycle shuttles with five or six pedaling station on each side so you get your exercise going to and from work in the fresh air and the heat and the rain and the snow. Re-introducing the wolves into our environment is just another excuse to create an "endangered species" zone where human beings aren't allowed, just like they have done over much of California and Oregon and Washington. Here's a newsflash, Irene: It isn't going to happen, and if these do-gooder NGO's keep ramming this crap down our throats, the motto is going to be "shoot, shovel, and shut up." Ask any rancher in the Rim Country about the world re-introduction program, and you will get an earful -- and by the way, when wolves kill livestock government is supposed to reimburse the owner, right? Well, they don't. Government claims it is "mountain lion kill" in spite of wolf tracks and the total absence of cat spoor. So don't give us any crap about how nice it would be to have the "magnificent animals" reintroduced to their natural habitat. Man's habitat is not their natural habitat, and they don't hunt their natural food. They hunt livestock and they hunt pet dogs they can entice out of their yards by barking at them in the dark. I hear them on the hunt almost every night where I live.


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