Christian School Land Sale Update


The proud owners of former Frontier Elementary School, the Payson Community Christian School, are in talks to sell land north of the school it no longer needs.

The school has had the 5.8-acre lot for some time, with plans to eventually build a school there, said Principal Patricia Fleeger.

With the purchase of Frontier, the school no longer needs the land.

Forest Ridge LLC, which developed several homes adjacent to the empty lot in 2005, is in escrow to buy the land.

The town last month approved plans to divide the land into 19 single-family homesites, which sit south of East Miller Road and west of South Mud Springs Road.

The new homes will be phase II of Forest Ridge, said Mike Horton with Forest Ridge LLC. Horton said he looked at the property in 2005 when he built phase I of Forest Ridge, but the school didn’t want to sell the land then.

Things now are moving forward smoothly.

On Aug. 30, 14 neighbors of the property met at Miss Fitz to discuss the project and express their concerns. Most asked that none of the new homes be two-story to maintain their privacy and views and to install only hooded streetlights, to avoid washing out the night skies.

The developer assured them he won’t build mobile or manufactured homes on the lots and will keep homes to one story.

It could take up to six months to obtain all the necessary approvals before construction can begin.

Herman Orcutt is the other principal on the project, Horton said.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 3 months ago

Well, well, I bet that'll be a very nice return on their little $1.25 million purchase price. Why couldn't the PUSD keep the school? Maybe they could've stopped their budget woes, for a while, by selling the 5.8 acres themselves.

I hope someone at the State level is taking notice of this colluded debacle that is going to cost the citizens of Payson tens of millions more dollars than they sold the FES for.


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