Dimi Dancers Draw A Crowd


The dancers in a perfect row raised their hand clutching cloth leaves, turning the dancer in a green leotard in front into a cross between a tree and a multi-armed nymph.


“Its blooms go into being a cultural tree ... from birth to the seasons,” said Su von Mazo, one of the two organizers of the Oct. 5 performance that filled Dimi’s Espresso in Payson to overflowing. She and photographer Nick Berezenko conceived of a theatrical interpretive dance by the Maya Joy Dancers, but the performance soon attracted a wonderful array of local talent doing belly dances, yo-yo tricks, the tango and the waltz for the Saturday performance at Dimi’s.

Dimi’s owner Tom Plets valiantly served frappés, paninis and espresso drinks to the overflowing crowd. “We

did 60 percent more business than we usually do on a Saturday night,” said the young entrepreneur. That’s when the café usually hosts an open mic night.

His brother Mark acted as emcee for the evening and performed both a sensual tango and a waltz to the theme from “Titanic.” Every Wednesday, Mark hosts a ballroom dancing class.

Because seats were at a premium, guests staked out places on the floor as they watched dancers swathed in flowing scarves and skirts, jingling belts festooned with shimmering coins, and costumes that glowed with lights, dance to a multi-cultural mix of music.

von Mazo performed a solo dance depicting the essence of water that was based on Chinese Dai Dance. Other acts included a moonwalk infused hip-hop rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” by Daniel Walling.

“He does the most incredible moon walk I have ever seen,” said von Mazo.


Meria Heller 3 years, 3 months ago

Just goes to show how hungry people in Payson are for entertainment and some culture. It would be great to have a community theater here. I was there and it was fabulous.


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