Christopher Creek Apples Make Their Way To California



Christopher Creek was in my rear-view mirror late last week and a bushel of apples, two apple pies and an apple cake were on board.

A change of pace would renew my appreciation for what we have here in the Creek. The route was west from the Valley past Cotton Lane, Jackrabbit Road, and then Sore Finger Road before miles of desolate desert and there we were in California.

Southern California doesn’t have an abundance of eye-pleasing trees like we have here. It’s difficult to believe that they would dress up a cell tower to look like a tree they don’t have and it’s right next to a thousand very unattractive wind turbines. It’s like puttin’ lipstick on a ... ah, never mind.

The trip was all about a family get-together for my Uncle Bob’s 95th birthday celebration. The destination was The Fairchild House, a restored 1924 historic residence, some six blocks off the beach in Oceanside. Thursday evening we enjoyed the weekly street fair and Friday we walked the pier. Of course, we spent one day at the beach, playing bocce ball and looking like a bunch of Zonies. We enjoyed the trip, but five days were enough California to last me for a while and I was happy to get back.

From Linda at CKFD: An invitation ... Ideas shape the course of history and the FireBelles — please come to a meeting at 4 p.m., Thurs­day, Nov. 7 at 930 E. Christopher Creek Loop.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association (CCHA) will be holding its fall semi-annual membership meeting in the community room in the Christopher-Kohl’s Fire Station. And then, at 4 p.m., CCHA will host the annual Halloween Costume Party for the youngsters. They are gathering up at the fire station for the weenie roast, the costume judging and then off on the hay wagon for a trip around town to all the spooky places.

Just a bit later in the evening, the costume party at the Landmark promises to be the place to be. Bud Light John will be crankin’ out the tunes and in charge of the judging. A little bird told me there are going to be some great prizes given out, so get creative and goblin-up or zombie-up or whatever you can come up with.

It seems like forever that Jan and George Shavina have had a place on Saddle Mountain Road at Kohl’s Ranch. We were fortunate to be able to spend some time with George this summer. He was fond of telling stories of his younger days in Mesa, or Tempe, or down in Rocky Point. He spoke often of old taverns (he had owned several) and some of the people he had known. George was in his mid-80s and his health wasn’t that great. While away last Thursday, we received a message from Junior that George’s neighbors, the Hesses, had called. George had passed away shortly after returning from a stay in Rocky Point. We are saddened at his passing. He was a great ol’ guy and we are proud to have known him.

We’ve been fortunate to have Junior hanging around the Creek for the last couple months or so. She got moved into her new place in Star Valley this week. Her name is Lorie Wallin, but around here she is just Junior. She won’t be a stranger, you can bet, seeing as how her sister, Sonni, is still here ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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