Pine/Strawberry Well Filtration



Where is the filtration for the Pine/Strawberry wells after the turbidity (dirty water) events of last year and this year? Funds were approved at the beginning of 2013 for filtration for three wells and it still isn’t in place. We’re now in October and the district manager of the PSWID reports still no progress at the last meeting (September) with the excuse being that a laboratory couldn’t be found. Since the district manager is under the supervision of the PSWID Chairman Ray Pugel why isn’t it being completed? One can only guess as to why this promise to the community is stalled. Are the funds being used elsewhere or is the focus of PSWID on another project like the additional $7.5 million bond they are pursuing? (The majority of the community is against this addition debt.) Where’s transparency?

Some community members are going to extremes with installations of high-tech filtration systems for personal health or business reasons to guarantee clean water. Some community members are also sending samples to laboratories to find out exactly what is in Pine/Strawberry water and whether it is safe. Why should individual systems be necessary when our water company should be providing higher standards of clean and pure water for the entire community? We keep hearing that “we have water now” so we have nothing to complain about, but if the water looks like chocolate milk or will make people sick, what good is it to anyone?

Sue Green


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