Wolves At Blue Ridge



Many people don’t know that wolves have already been seen near Blue Ridge Reservoir. As the crow flies, a wolf could make it to the Payson area in one day.

My question to those who said “hunters just want more elk and deer to shoot” is: How are you going to feel when those horses and cattle in Little Green Valley get slaughtered by wolves, or the horses in Deer Creek?

We are to blame for having hunts for too many years in Arizona without limiting the permits, so we have taken most of the large predators’ prey base. The best example is the Big Horn Sheep at Apache and Canyon lakes.

Lions, which are the same as wolves in that they kill large animals every week, have reduced the sheep herd from more than a 100 to somewhere less than half that number today.

If you own a horse, sheep or a cow, will your opinion change if wolves kill them in your pasture? And if you have never seen how they start eating the downed animal alive, you should see a video of a wolf pack kill — it isn’t pretty. Wolves have a right to eat, no doubt, but do they have a right to slaughter your loved pets? You might want to think about that because it’s going to happen sooner than you think. Anyone know how close Blue Ridge is from here? Check it out with a GPS. It’ll wake you up.

Dell Owens


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