Raffle To Benefit Basketball, Bass Program

30 prizes to be awarded through November


Quality uniforms don’t turn a bad team into a good one.

But when players like what they’re wearing, they are eager to suit up and get out on the court.

Joe Sanchez wants Payson High varsity, junior varsity and freshman players to take pride in their uniforms.

So he’s trying to raise the money to buy new ones.


Payson High School basketball players (from left) Ruben Estrada, Chaz Davis and Caleb Pain model uniforms that varsity head coach Joe Sanchez is hoping to raise enough to replace.

“We’re trying to get all three programs where we look the same,” he said. “We look like three different teams, basically. And we want to make it look a little bit more organized and a little bit more presentable than what we’ve had in the past.”

So the program is holding the Ultimate Sportsman’s Giveaway featuring 30 prizes with a total value of more than $20,000. Only 400 raffle tickets, costing $100 each, are being sold through Oct. 28. Ticket holders have a 1-in-400 chance of winning 30 different prizes. One will be raffled off every day in November. Those who win are put back in the hat, so people can win multiple prizes. There is no limit.

One winner will be announced each day for 30 days starting Nov. 1 on 1420 KMOG and on the Ultimate Sportsman’s Giveaway Facebook page.

The complete prize list is available at sportsmansgiveaway.word press.com.

To purchase tickets, call Joe Sanchez at (602) 448-0174 or e-mail sportsmansgiveaway@gmail .com.

Proceeds from the raffle will benefit both the PHS boys basketball program and the Payson High bass club.

Sanchez said the uniforms, as well as basketballs, are sorely needed.

“It’s just going to the boys program for uniforms, for balls for stuff that we haven’t had in a very long time,” he said. “I played here in 2000 and these jerseys we have were here when I played. And we’re just trying to get the freshman and the JV, especially, some jerseys that match so they can look like a team. Some of the jerseys don’t match. Some of the pants that are supposed to be white are gray. But that’s what they have to wear at the same game. It’s just frustrating and we want to change that. We want to change the culture in Payson for basketball. And I feel like, if we want to play good, we’ve got to look good.”

The varsity team received new jerseys last season. But they weren’t the highest quality.

“They’re ripping already,” Sanchez said. “It was cheap material, just to get our guys some uniforms. We were planning on handing those down to the JV level. We want another set. That way, those can end up being freshman and we have a good set of varsity jerseys and a good set of JV that could last them the next six years where we don’t have to go and do this again.”

It’s the first year for the raffle, but probably not the last, according to Sanchez.

“We’re looking at doing this raffle every year,” he said. “Our goal is to have money in our account to where we can do things. We’d like these guys to be able to go to tournaments that are far away, with better competition and things like that.

“And our goal is to help other programs that have struggled with fund-raising. We have no problem with sharing. We want the money to go to Payson High School, not just boys basketball. The first year we want to get some stuff that we want. But if we sell all the tickets every time, that’s $20,000 every season. We don’t need $20,000 every season for basketball.

“If we can sell all the tickets, one of our plans is we want to buy every single student in Payson High School a shirt that they wear to our games. So it’s like a whiteout game. We’ll just give it to them. They don’t have to pay a dime. We want to do stuff like that to get the town behind the basketball teams and just behind Payson High School Longhorns sports.”

With school districts having trouble coming up with money for athletics and extracurricular activities, Sanchez said coaches like him have to take the initiative and come up with fund-raising ideas on their own.

“It’s a struggle with this economy and we’re trying to be a little bit more creative with trying to raise some money,” he said. “We know Payson is a hunting town and we want to make sure it’s something that people in Payson want to buy. The cheapest thing we have in there is $500.

“The money from every ticket goes to the boys basketball program and the bass club. We’re sharing the money with the high school bass club. We want to make sure that the fishing program in the high school is getting money, as well. We’ve got a couple of our basketball players involved in the bass club and they’re very passionate about that.”

Chasin’ A Dream Outfitters, located at 612 S. Beeline Hwy., Payson, is supplying the prizes.

“They are basically trusting that we’re going to sell the tickets,” Sanchez said.

He’s confident they will.


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