Tinkertoy’S Tumble


A man traveling from northern Idaho took an unexpected side trip in his motor home Friday when it rolled off High­way 87 and into a ditch.


A traveling RV driver and his dog Tinkertoy ended up in a ditch Friday, but suffered no harm.

At about 10:30 a.m., Daniel Kannecaard stopped his 2011 Southwind RV in a large pullout a few miles south of town to use the coach’s bathroom.

He walked back to the bathroom and while inside, didn’t realize the RV was slowing inching forward, on course to go into a large ditch filled with shrubs and trees.

The front end of the coach tipped into the ditch, tossing him forward.

The only other occupant in the coach, Kannecaard’s Chi­hua­hua Tinkertoy, appear­ed uninjured, but scared.

Kannecaard crawled out of the motor home’s front door, fighting back scratchy brush. He left Tinkertoy inside fearful he might run off.

Authorities called La Forge Towing to pull the RV out. A white Jeep Liberty being pulled behind the RV was not damaged.

Kannecaard, who was on his way to Globe, hoped the accident hadn’t caused much damage and he could drive on.

Kannecaard said he travels around the country during the winter months to see family.

A Vietnam veteran, Kanne­caard proudly displays a Purple Heart license plate on the back of the motor home. He said he received the designation after stepping on a landmine and losing his leg.


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