Authors Discuss Books On Women, Halloween


As October ebbs away, the Payson Public Library is entertaining another wave of authors.

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey and Karilee Halo Shames will hold a Women of Wisdom discussion at the Payson Public Library from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 25.


Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey


Karilee Halo Shames

Melinda Elmore and Susan Haught will be signing copies of their book, “Shall We Dance,” a Halloween anthology of heartwarming stories, from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Oct. 26. Elmore and Haught are two of the seven authors represented in the collection.

The Women of Wisdom discussion is based on the topic explored in their books, “The World Needs Old Ladies” by McGarey and “Amazing Mentors: The REAL Hot Mama’s Path to Power” by Shames.

“The World Needs Old Ladies” shows the strongest and oldest underground movement in the entire world is the world of Old Ladies. They are the roots of plants, which are seen and unseen, and they hold the earth together, according to McGarey. She says Old Ladies are The Tree of Life. Her book brings stories of understanding, joy, wonder and pain from her life’s experiences and those of co-author Eveline Horelle Dailey.

“Amazing Mentors: The REAL Hot Mama’s Path to Power” first tells they story of the author and then stories of 20 women who inspired and empowered her.

McGarey is internationally known for her pioneering work in alternative medicine, natural birthing and the physician-patient partnership. She has practiced medicine for more than 50 years and advocates viewing the patient as a whole being. She has been called the Mother of Holistic Healing.

Shames is a clinical specialist in mental health and certified holistic nurse. She offers telephone consultations to overcome fear of change, so clients can claim their power and live their fullest and best life.

The books are published by Inkwell Productions in Scottsdale, Ariz. To learn more, call (480) 315-3781 or go online to

The Halloween anthology includes:

• “Shall We Dance?” by Susan Haught is the sweet story of a young nurse who makes Halloween special for one of her elderly residents.

• “The Haunted House” by Catherine A. MacKenzie, in which a big brother tries to show how tough he is by taking his little sister to a haunted house.

• “A Halloween to Remember” by Andrew and Patti Miller, a paranormal tale of a young widow looking for the strength to move on after her husband’s death.

• “The Party” by Catherine A. MacKenzie is the story of a woman who reluctantly accepts her friends’ invitation to a Halloween party, but only because her mask will allow her to cover her scars.

• “An Irish Halloween” by Kiki Howell features a young woman who discovers her heritage and travels to Ireland to spend Halloween in a castle.

• “Pumpkin Inn” by Christine Collier follows two friends who experience a serendipitous meeting.

• “Recipe for Love” by Lisa Marie Lopez is about a costume party that turns into a humorous surprise.

• “Spirits In The Graveyard” by Melinda Elmore is about a woman mourning the anniversary of her husband’s death and waits for his appearance at the cemetery.

Another author

Payson author Margaret Rutherford has released a new children’s book, “Timothy Helps Out,” which tells the story of an overly cooperative child taking matters into his own hands.

When Mom asks her kids to clean the car, young Timmy takes things into his own hands. If a hose can clean the outside of the car, then, surely it can clean the inside, or so young Timothy thinks. How will his initiative turn out? Rutherford offers this entertaining story of an overly helpful kid that will make the readers smile while teaching kids important family lessons.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting barnesand or amazon .com.


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