Christopher Creek Showing Her Fall Splendor



Christopher Creek over the Halloween weekend will be a perfect place for camera buffs and leafers. The brilliant reds of the sugar maples and the spectacular yellows of the box elders and Arizona alders, along with the gold of the oaks are just phenomenal right now. The hillside behind the homestead is ablaze with color. The weather can’t be any better with highs in the low 70s and lows in the 40s. And, there are still apples to be picked. But be forewarned ... things could get a little spooky around here very soon!

Another group of gals came to visit the Creek last week. They were guests of Deb Baldner for four days. Deb just retired after 30 years of teaching. Linda Dilisten said, “We all came up to visit her in See Canyon to talk about how much Deb is missed and what an impact she has had on the lives of our children!”

The gals are all special education teachers. Along with Linda, Kelly Lumbard, Whitney Weigold and Kristen Crooles were in the party. Our congratulations go out to Deb as well.

Also seen out at the Landmark this weekend were Jan and Mike Grabareck. Jan is sister to Gary Werlinger. Mike and Jan are new transplants to Arizona from Atlanta. We are sure to see more of them here in the Creek from time to time.

Speaking of Gary and the Landmark, son Chad and Barb are due in November and daughter Shannon and Kyle are due in December. We’ll soon have a new crop of little shavers, splashin’ in the Creek down at the carwash.

John Marksbury is doing better after his visit to the doctor and getting some attention. We fully expect an appearance tomorrow at the Landmark for the Halloween festivities. You may know him better as Bud Light John, DJ and master of ceremonies for the costume judging. By the way, there’s a flat-screen TV for first prize, tomorrow.

Saturday, at 10 a.m., the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association has its fall semi-annual membership meeting at the Christopher Fire Station. At 4 p.m., CCHA will host the annual Halloween Costume Party and Trick or Treat Ride for the youngsters.

All are invited ... Ideas shape the course of history and the FireBelles. Please come to a meeting at 4 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 7 at 930 E. Christopher Creek Loop.

Hey, Demolition Derby fever is still running rampant in the Creek. Dean has located a truck for the next edition of ol’ number 1177. We know the truck and it looks a bit like it has already been in a demolition derby!

Genny says she just got another bunch of decorations for the golf cart for the Christmas Light Parade. It’s comin’ up!

Last Friday night, Sheri Edwards finished her shift at Creekside and headed for Las Vegas to visit her sister and celebrate her 21st birthday. Sheri is the daughter of Mike Edwards, who is in charge of operations at the restaurant. Congratulations to Sheri!

Seven-year-old Olivia was in the Creek last weekend to visit grandpa and grandma, Pat and Trudy Perkins. Olivia is a fledgling rock hound and Grandpa brought her by to check out a bag of crystals from Diamond Point. She helped herself to a half-dozen, and a few minutes later she returned with her dad, Victor, and a 75-pound bag of geodes. She made sure it was a fair trade.

Jesse Olsson reports his brother, Josh, is continuing to make improvement after his serious quad accident in Montana early this summer. Josh is back on the job running equipment.

A light has gone out in Hunter Creek — last Friday as Judy Rhodes informs us that Pat Guevara has passed away. Art and Pat have had a place here for nearly 10 years.

Along the trail ... Christopher Creek’s intrepid hiking team of Judy Rhodes and Rhonda Louch tackled the Highline Trail last Saturday. They did the portion from See Canyon Trailhead to Horton Springs and then down to the Tonto-Horton Confluence for a total of 11 miles. Judy says the Highline is in need of some upkeep with some markers missing or down and some deadfall on the trail. Now, the girls could have come out on the Derrick Trail, but Rhonda wanted to press on. We’re proud of ’em for their effort. You gotta hand it to them ’cause if you consider all the ups and downs on the Highline and stretch that out like a string, they really did closer to 12 or 13 miles! These are not young girls anymore ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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