No Confidence



Everyone seems to be beating around the bush with the recent fiasco in Washington, D.C., so I am writing this letter to be the first to declare publicly that as a registered voter in the state of Arizona that I cast my vote for no confidence in our government, and I ask every other American to vote with me.

For far too many years we have allowed our elected officials the power to regulate themselves. Checks and balances that we have in place are not doing the job they were designed to do, and most decisions are based entirely on party lines. It is therefore mandatory that the people take it upon themselves to insure our government does its job.

It can’t just be the status quo of casting our votes every couple of years. We must take charge of the situation in front of us and do as our Founding Fathers did many years ago when they were threatened. We must, each and every one of us (of all ages), write down two lists. We must put down what is wrong with America and what is right with America. We must eliminate the bad and keep the good.

We all know that because of the current atmosphere in Washington our elected officials will never tackle this problem on their own, and they shouldn’t be allowed to, except as ordinary citizens like us.

I ask everyone who loves our country as much as I do to get together with friends, non-friends, neighbors and strangers with one purpose in mind ... reconvene the Continental Congress. Meet where you live, where you work, and where you may visit. Put your heads together for the betterment of us all, and we will straighten out what seems at the moment an insurmountable problem facing us that is threatening the future of the United States of America.

Many years ago I served our country in Vietnam. I chose to go to that war because of my ancestor and namesake, William Hooper, who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Join my vote of no confidence, and reconvene the Continental Congress. Let us put the “we” back in “we the people” and preserve the country we love before it’s too late.

Hoop Bramoff


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