Control Is Issue



Health care is not a concern of Obama. He wants the government to have complete control of you and your neighbors. Health care is just one of the perversions to achieve that agenda.

Rep. Barton’s somewhat over the top analysis did draw attention to the socialist agenda. Control is the issue. The fact that the IRS is the one to operate the health care system should terrify you. Has the IRS not shown in the recent past to be an arm of the current administration?

I hope that Rep. Barton does not apologize for her statements. Obama’s aim at total control is atrocious and dangerous for true Americans.

Those Americans that take responsibility for their family and themselves are going to pay for those that think the government should take care of them.

Please remember that our Constitution and Bill of Rights allow us to pursue happiness and work for success, not have an expensive nanny state that kills all initiative.

Barbara Hollenbeck


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