Labor Day Traffic Jam On Hwy 260

The view looking down the hill towards Christopher Creek on Hwy 260 South.

Photo by Andy Towle. |

The view looking down the hill towards Christopher Creek on Hwy 260 South.



That's Little Green Valley up ahead. Will we all make it to the valley before sunset?

It is no surprise to Rim Country residents to see the highways packed with traffic during Labor Day weekend. This year was no exception.

Some motorists reported three hours travel times from the top of the Mogollon Rim to Payson Monday, Highway 260 packed to the gills with cars, trucks, fifth wheelers and trailers.

With everyone going south at the same time, bottlenecks quickly formed near construction zones and where the highway merges into two lanes.

Motorists reported picking up speed and hope only to see it dash away with another line of cars emerging around the bend.

The first delay occurred in the construction area near the south Christopher Creek on-ramp on Highway 260; two lanes of traffic jamming into one lane.

Several miles down the road, another blockage formed as the road narrows approaching Star Valley.

Things weren't much better once motorists finally made it into town. The intersection of Highway 260 and 87 was packed throughout the day, a number of near accidents as motorists jimmied to turn south out of town.

By nightfall things had finally calmed down.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 4 months ago

It seems to get worse every year. And talk about bottlenecks, you can do 55 or better everywhere except for that little strip of a speed trap known as Star Valley.


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