Parents Hit By Sticker Shock

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A parent can get to the end of the high school registration process with an amazing dent in the piggy bank — say more than $500 per student.

And that’s before paying $200-per-sport participation fees.

Consider the financial plight of a student taking an engineering class, Advanced Placement (AP) physics, AP U.S. history, and A.P. language arts. They also want a parking pass, locker rental and a yearbook.

Their parent will write a check for $427.

Increasingly, not only do Payson schools impose fees to cover the full cost of almost every extracurricular activity, they also charge extra for many core, academic classes.

Payson High School staff say the school has payment plans available.

“We have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans,” say bookstore staff.

In addition, the school will consider granting waivers to the fees if a family has severe financial need. “Waivers go through an administrative review,” said staff.

Please note: About 70 percent of the students in the district come from families that qualify for free and reduced school lunches based on income.

Moreover, families whose kids participate in sports will have to shell out hundreds of additional dollars.

A freshman who plays a sport, takes a science class, the A+ computer tech class, the DECA class, and buys a yearbook will end up costing the family $344.50.

If that student is a junior and takes two A.P. classes, the total is $518.

On top of the class fees and extras, families are asked if they would like to pay for school pictures — these cost anywhere from $15 to $48.

Yep. It’s expensive to be a high school student, despite the promise of a free public education.

High School Fees

A+ Computer Tech $41.00

Agricultural Ed $24.00

AP Test Fee $87.00

Art Foundations $20.50

Art – Advanced $25.50

Career Leadership $10.50

Engineering $31.00

FACS (culinary, etc.) $15.00

DECA (marketing) $20.50

Music (band, chorus) $20.50

Science (bio, chem, etc.) $8.00

Theatre $15.50

Woods I & II $20.50


First $200.00

Second $50.00

Third $0.00

Individual Max $250.00

Family Max $400.00

Locker Rental $10.00

Parking Pass $50.00

Yearbook $75.00

Yearbook – Spirit $88.00

Yearbook – Deluxe $94.00


michelle wintrich 3 years, 4 months ago

Hmmmm. Seems like a basic public educational class needed for diploma should not legally have fees imposed. Maybe that ARS only applies to k-8?


don evans 3 years, 4 months ago

So how does the school district verify the need for a financial waiver? I have got a better plan to's free.....dump public education schools.


Scott Jacobson 3 years, 4 months ago

Any fees associated with core academic classes required for graduation should be waived.


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