Obamacare A Monstrosity



A recent letter came in about Obamacare, and how great it is. The writer obviously doesn’t know too much about it.

I am a victim of this monstrosity. I belonged to a non-Medicare retiree group of about 10,000. I was paying about $600 per month for great medical.

Then the part of this bill that came into effect that stated that all children would be covered until age 26 by the parents’ coverage.

Sounds great right? Wrong! It drove my costs from $600 to $1,385 per month. I lost my insurance.

My trustee said we were responsible for all of our grandkids being born up to age 26.

Our group actuaries couldn’t handle that load.

Thanks to Obamacare I lost my insurance and doctor. I now will never have insurance.

Whatever happened to having the father of the children being responsible for the birth?

The part about full-time workers is also a joke. Some idiot in D.C. said, “Look, companies are only working people 39 hours to escape coverage. Let’s make full time 30 hours. That’ll stop this.”

Right! Last year the full-time to part-time created jobs was 10 to 1. Now it’s the same except it’s 10 part-time jobs being created for each full-time. These jobs are for 29 hours or less.

If someone talks about how great this travesty is, then they should ask themselves, would they like it if Bush was in office or is it because of Obama?

If that makes a difference, then you are thinking with emotion, and not your head. Oh by the way, the part of pre-existing conditions is a joke. I have it and can’t afford their option.

Gilbert Bracke


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 4 months ago

The insurance companies are the atrocity. They do not provide ANY health care related service except "administration" on how to rape the most profits out of the system. Seriously, behind MIC, Megalomaniacal PIG/COW/Monsanto farmers this is one of the Sickest Corporate system on the planet. The insurance companies have to go, or this "Obama care" will absolutely crash our economy. This may actually be the plan in the implementation of this insane system of theft. The MIC corps make us sick, then profit from our illnesses, that they create. DRAGON!


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 4 months ago

I just learned that insurance companies basically rate the humans like cars. They will invest in you, as long as you are still drivable. You will be driven hard to peak out your performance and then be replaced by a newer model as soon as you are broken.


Nancy Volz 3 years, 4 months ago

Gilbert, I am curious, where did you get the info that you have to cover your grandchildren? Even if they were your own children under 26, you don't have to cover them. I just looked it up. Sign them up under the Affordable Care Act or a State plan for kids. Also, I understand completely your frustration about pre-existing conditions and cost. I've been a good, reliable tax-payer my whole life without getting breaks others do. I pay nearly $1000 per month for an individual policy with an extremely high - the highest actually - deductible and no specialists covered. With Medicare a few years away, I'll be online applying for a plan under the Affordable Care Act in October. Go to healthcare.gov and research your options under the Act. You may be pleasantly surprised. Nancy


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