The President That Brought Down America



Obviously, no one would want to have this title, but the 44th president may be establishing this as his legacy.

Is he playing golf and taking trips while helping dig the U.S. graveyard space? Consider that the federal government now owes more than the country produces in an entire year. The federal government is now borrowing more than 33 cents out of every dollar it spends.

Obama consistently trumps clean energy, climate change, equal pay for women, gay rights, immigration reform — but he leaves out fixing the finances of the federal government.

Obama does not think about government the way that the Founders though of government, which was consisting principally of establishing a government to protect individual liberty and secure space for the exercise of individual initiative. He believes that collective action is more important than individual initiative (i.e. socialism). Moreover, he believes that the collective actions that matter most occur through the federal government.

This is not how we as Americans have historically operated. Most of the infrastructure im­provements that Obama touts have occurred through state and local initiatives. Alexis de Tocqueville, writing in the mid-1800s, documented and celebrated the rise of voluntary associations to meet community needs as a defining characteristic of the American republic. So, we have a president that is in direct conflict with the major way that America has historically operated since the formation of the Republic 237 years ago.

The issue of our day isn’t whether we should have a social welfare state. The major issue right now is whether the government serves the people or are the people now subservient to the federal government. The Constitution is and should be our guide and it provides a clear answer to this question. “We the People.”

We must get the debt under control and put the finances of the government on a sustainable footing, given the declining ratio of workers to retirees. The laws of economics do not bend for anyone — and that includes Barack Hussein Obama, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid or anyone else. Both political parties have been extremely reckless in their spending habits over the last 30 years, but this regime has taken it to a new, even more reckless level.

We need a president who can rally the country and make the hard choices that are necessary, and they are necessary right now. Kicking the can (and our problems) down the road (and both the GOP and Democrats are very good at that) to get re-elected has to stop. We have to stop electing those kind of people and kick the ones in Washington that are like that out! I can think of some Arizona elected officials in Washington that need to be replaced as they have fallen into the “Beltway” type of thinking and no longer remain loyal to Arizona voters that elected them.

Obama is definitely not the one that is willing to make any hard choices as he is more interested in his socialist ideology than the people or the Constitution. He seems to be golfing, appearing on talk shows and taking vacations as his limousine drives by the graveyard that says “Here lies the former United States of America.”

Harvey Pelovsky


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 4 months ago

McCain/Romney - Got my vote for the next presidency. But honestly, if they don't fix the corporate welfare state, stop privatization and reinstate financial firewall protections for the people, even they will fail.


Meria Heller 3 years, 4 months ago

Obomba is worse than Bush if such a thing is possible.


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