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On Friday, Aug. 16. 15 students from Payson’s Center for Success went on a hike to Fisher’s Point (Arizona Trail #301) off of Highway I40 in Flagstaff.

It was our first field trip of the year and it was full of excitement as well as adventure.

Most students went on the 13.6 mile hike as a preparatory trip, (the school is planning on going to the Grand Canyon), proving to the staff that they are capable of a more difficult hike.

Once we arrived, we took the Arizona Trail 6.8 miles to Fisher’s Point where we were able to overlook Walnut Canyon and see the most mesmerizing scenery we have ever seen.

We took pictures at the point and ate lunch, laughing about the adventure of getting there.

As soon as we got back on the trail, we noticed that there was a thunderstorm rolling in. Our chaperones, Deb and Kerry hurried us along to get back to the vans as quickly as possible.

Did we outrun the storm?


We probably walked about a mile in the rain, but it was well worth it.

I think on the hike back, we probably saw more of the trail than we did on the way there. We took the time to see all of the wildflowers blooming and some horny toads scurrying around the woods.

By the time we got back, we all were very tired, but we felt a sense of accomplishment that was well worth the hard work. The scenery was beautiful, but we think the best part of the entire trip was that it brought all of us closer together.

High school is a difficult time for teenagers and this trip gave us a chance to make some new friends and memories that we will never forget.


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