Streets Need Attention Now



Payson’s town government has spent time and money on obtaining a college. This may or may not happen and it may or may not be a good thing.

But during these years the inner structure of our town of Payson has been ignored. The most obvious are our streets. They have gone unrepaired — East Bonita and North Manzanita are easy examples. Those and many others have potholes, no shoulders, no bike paths and no sidewalks — the last two are needed by our citizens and students alike who wish to walk and/or bike.

Now we are told we need to construct traffic circles. Not just anywhere, but in place of our traffic lights at Routes 260 and 87; and at Route 87 and Bonita; and at Manzanita/Granite Dells. These traffic lights are necessary as they stop and start the flow of traffic.

On the other hand, traffic circles keep the flow steady. When traffic is heavy the circles will become gridlocks.

Emergency vehicles will not be able to get through these intersections as the other vehicles will have no place to go to get out of their way. A new circle, if one is constructed, should be at the Route 260 and Mud Springs intersection to help slow down traffic coming into town. Residents need the existing traffic lights in order to exit their areas especially on weekends and holidays. There are other town necessities that have been ignored like fading street signs, poor water drainage on high streets and others, but they will have to wait for another time.

Now let’s get our streets in working order.

Sioux Prince


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