What One Calls Poor Leadership Is Great Progress



It was nice to hear from our former mayor recently, but in assessing Obama’s performance I feel that there are areas that Edwards identifies as poor leadership while many others see great progress.

Obama’s focus has very strongly been directed at supporting the working/middle class in America. He has done this by supporting unions and crusading for a raise in the minimum wage and asking the very richest citizens to share more of the sacrifices that have mostly fallen to the middle class. He has put forward new regulations to assure that Wall Street does not continue the practices that brought about the economic havoc that happened during the last administration.

And the economy has greatly improved under his leadership. When he was elected we were losing over 750,000 jobs a month and we consistently now have positive job growth (162,000 gained in July). Our current unemployment rate is 7.4 percent, down from a high of 10 percent during the recession. Bush left us with a deficit of $1,413 billion in 2008 and that has dropped every year until we have a $973 billion deficit projected in 2013. It’s not perfect, but it has certainly improved and the stimulus program contributed to this turn-around. Just think what the improvement could have been if the full amount he had asked for had actually been invested back into our economy!

And health care reform has been something that has been promised to us for decades and he has finally done it. It also may not be perfect, but tell that to the millions of Americans whose lives will be improved by finally having access to health care. The Republicans fought against and promised doom when both Social Security and Medicare was proposed by the Democrats — they predicted terrible results. Well, tell that to the hundreds of millions of Americans that have benefited due to those programs for decades.

Obama has also put forward many jobs programs, advocated for a fair and humane immigration policy and has tried to get funding for repairing our infrastructure, which will invest not only in American workers but will also improve our business opportunities. However, his efforts to lead in these areas have been stopped by a do-nothing House of Representatives that is far more interested in stopping Obama than they are in doing what is best for America.

Wendy Trainor


Ted Paulk 3 years, 4 months ago

Well written and factual letter for a change. Thank you Wendy. The usual crowd will try to pile on and tell you how wrong you are. Remember what they do not: They are entitled to their own opinions; but they are NOT entitled to their own facts. Nice to see an editorial that is not trying to destroy our country under the false guise of protecting it. Ted


don evans 3 years, 4 months ago

Progress? Oh yeah, I forgot. Payson got a Marijuana dispensary. Can't you just feel the tingle in up your leg. BO's plan to help our economy, start a new war in Syria.


Judith Hunter 3 years, 4 months ago

Thank you, Wendy. It's nice to know there is some sanity out there.


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