Council Elections Move From Spring To Fall


The Payson Town Council hasn’t had much on the docket recently with most meetings lasting less than an hour. Even at that, staff reports and proclamations taking up most of that time.

Last week’s meeting followed the pattern.

The agenda included a brief explanation of how the town will comply with new election rules.

Town council elections in 2014 will move from the spring to the fall per the Consolidated Elections mandate (House bill 2826).

The town will not hold candidate elections in March and May of 2014, but Aug. 26 for the primary and Nov. 4 for the general.

The current mayor and council members terms will extend approximately six additional months to meet the new rules.

Town Attorney Tim Wright also explained town staff is updating the town code.

On June 6, the council directed staff to systematically review the code for any outdated wording or procedures. Wright presented two updated sections, parts one and two “of what will most likely be a 20-30 part process.”


Pat Randall 3 years, 4 months ago

In my opinion the reason the council meetings are shorter is because everything has been discussed and decided on before the meetings. Public is restricted to how long they can talk at the meetings. It is run by one person and now six months more to decide what we need in Payson. Not everyone has a computer and knows what is going to be on the agenda or what they mean. All they get at the door is an agenda with numbers on it, but no information. Most of it is already decided and no discussion for the people attending the meeting to know what has already been decided. Sounds like Obama is here.


don evans 3 years, 4 months ago

Pat, get your facts straight......And you have! Your right on the money with your post!


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