Pswid Rates And Fees



I first want to say that I am a rather timid and non-aggressive individual, but I am at my wit’s end with PSWID. First you slip an extra water charge on our bills (just about everyone I have spoken to did not realize the first 3,000 gallons were not included in your new rate!) and now you want a $2 fee for me to pay my bill online! You just don’t quit, do you? I was happy when you took over from Brooke, but the things that you are getting away with are just unbelievable and I am sure they won’t stop until someone can prove something illegal and then maybe we will have some honesty finally! I am so disappointed with the way things are being handled, I just have to tell you and hope we get some people with integrity and community concern on this board soon! If a little community like ours can’t have honest and caring leaders, how can we expect anything more from our federal officials!

M. E. Kubiak


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