Real Hunger



Should ask some of the old-timers in the Rim Country how they got by (before) there were food stamps.

You should find a lot of old-timers to ask since the Food Stamp Act wasn’t enacted until Aug. 11, 1964 establishing a permanent program. Then you would really understand the meaning of “I am hungry.”

William Clayton


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Clayton, They raised their food. Cattle, gardens, chickens, pigs,fruit trees and bought a few staples like flour, coffee, salt and what ever. They shared with their neighbors when needed. They had beef, milk, eggs, bacon, ham and of course wild game. They were a lot healthier than we are now. They were up at dawn, did their chores and went on to their days work. Early to bed, no tv, computers or electricity. It really was a good life. Kids were not standing around whining they didn't have any thing to do. We found things to do and were not obese Yes, I grew up on ranches and in Payson. No one locked the doors. Everyone watched out for each other. Then came the 'outsiders' to change it all.


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