Seeing Some Potential



I would like to comment on the recently purchased Star Valley property. I agree that the old home on the property is beyond repair and should be torn down due to cost and safety issues. There are however other structures on that property that have wonderful potential. The barn has been the subject of many local artists because it is very picturesque and where else have you seen an actual Midwest barn in the area or even the state? It is not only an amazing animal shelter (true barn) but what a structure for an art gallery or other business! Also on the property is a bird aviary that rivals any zoo. This was designed by a local architect and just needs some TLC to be restored to its original glory. An aviary like this for wild bird rehabilitation or for containment of exotic birds would be next to impossible to duplicate. This property could be a wonderful nature center. Has anyone considered the benefits of donating it to a nature center? Has anyone considered the benefits of donating it to a conservation or environmental group?

Also the four-year college coming soon might have some other proposals not even imagined. So often we don’t have vision and destroy what has uniqueness and possibility. I hope the town council of Star Valley or whoever might purchase this parcel takes a good long look at what it is and could be.

Marguerite Young


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