Computer Glitch In Treasurer’S Office Could Be Costly



I couldn’t help but notice the quarter page ad in the Sept. 6 edition of the Roundup. The title, “From the Office of the Gila County Treasurer” drew my attention. In this posting by the county treasurer, we were informed that due to complications from changes in the treasurer’s software, the 2013 property tax bills will be delayed from the normal September mailing. While this could be welcome news to property taxpayers, in reality the Gila County government relies and plans on timely revenue streams to pay for the services Gila County provides its citizens. Now we are informed that not only is there a delay, but we don’t know when the tax statements will be mailed out.

The Gila County government, since these revenues will not occur on time, has to make adjustments to its spending because of cash flow issues. It will cost the county more money to cover this delay, maybe even have to borrow money to bridge the shortfall in cash for the short term, which then leads to more unplanned county expenses. All these additional costs might have been avoided if the county treasurer better understood the issues behind the change in software and managed these changes better.

But what caught my eye the most was in this paid ad by our Gila County treasurer — we don’t know who the county treasurer is. The ad doesn’t mention her name, as if the county treasurer was in some distant place in the state instead of sitting in an office in Globe. Here we have a major problem reported, we are told it will be delayed to sometime in the future and yet we don’t know who is responsible for dealing with and fixing this issue.

Sometimes when we have elections we should remember that incumbents are not necessarily the best persons to lead and manage that office. Do they have the best knowledge base, are they prepared for change and do they understand the technologies, which are necessary to run a government office in today’s world? Keep this in mind when you go to vote in the next election.

The name of our Gila County treasurer is Deborah Savage.

Don Ascoli


don evans 3 years, 4 months ago

Don't know how long you have lived here, so all I will say is, welcome to the way Gila County operates.


Patricia Johnson 3 years, 3 months ago

In my opinion, Don Ascoli was the best qualified person to run for the office of Gila Country Treasurer in the last election. Unfortunately, he lost the election.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 3 months ago

Ron Paul would've been the best President but lost, too. What a mess we've made of things in this country.

I think it's way past time to petition the State to split Gila County into North and South.


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