Coverage Missed Heart And Soul Of Fair



The demolition derby was a popular event at the fair this year and received quite a bit of coverage by our local newspaper. I am sure it was a crowd-pleaser, as well, and I understand it may have made some money for our town. I am glad for that.

But, I believe that the heart and soul of the fair was under the tents at the event center, and was largely overlooked by our newspaper.

The dozens of children who spent months nurturing their animals received a mere paragraph of mention in our newspaper.

Those who witnessed the animal competition and auction saw the traditions of rural life and the wonderful kindness of our town displayed. We saw a trembling young boy hold his beloved turkey close in the auction ring, and a stranger buy that turkey for hundreds of dollars and give it back to him. We cried with him.

We saw a young lady whose mother is battling breast cancer auction her steer to pay for her education as a medical assistant. Last year, the same young lady donated her proceeds to breast cancer.

We saw so many children overcome with sadness, knowing their animals would go to slaughter, and we shared the pride they felt when their efforts and sacrifice were rewarded.

The antics of the pigs in the ring had us all laughing one minute, while the kids smiling through their tears as they showed their animals broke our hearts.

So, by all means, let’s have another demolition derby next year, but don’t forget the heart and soul of the fair under those tents.

Amalia Pineres


Pat Randall 3 years, 4 months ago

Have the demolition derby on a different date. It does not belong at the fair.

The kids work very hard every day to take care of the animals and I know how it breaks their heart to sell them. They wouldn't care if they received 10's of thousand of dollars for their animal. There is an attachment between them that no one else understands unless they have done it. There is an attachment they never forget. I know, my son is almost 61 and he still talks about the calf he raised and sold at the fair when he was in high school in Mesa. He was in FFA and that was his first year. He never raised another animal to sell.


Rex Hinshaw 3 years, 4 months ago

Pat, I think the demolition derby is a positive thing for the fair. But the other elements (under the tents) is what the fair is built on ....particularly the 4-H program. Over the years I have been privileged to participate in the auction as a buyer. I have seen many of the same things that Ms. Pineres and yourself have described. I've been at the buyers dinner and was so impressed with the polite and dedicated young people I met. I have witnessed the pride and sadness that occurs when these young people sell there animals. It gives them strenght and makes us lessons that we need to preserve .Having said that.....I agree with the author of this letter. The reporter should have given (at least) equal time to .....all the other accomplishments....under the tents. See you at the Pioneers dinner....another event that celebrates our heratige.


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