Another Form Of Abuse


While we’re on the topic of child abuse and domestic violence — what’s with the state Legislature?

Back in January, Gov. Jan Brewer proposed a lean but responsible budget. Granted, she didn’t restore the billions cut from education, but she did make a substantial proposal to reform Child Protective Services. Neither the Senate nor House budgets honored her top legislative priority, although CPS caseloads here remain far above the national standard.

Gov. Brewer also resisted calls to penalize school districts that had started their own charter schools. The districts wanted the same freedom from stifling state regulation to offer innovative, focused programs — and maybe also the extra $1,000 per-student charter schools collect.

Not content with having slashed school operating budgets and virtually eliminated capital budgets, the House and Senate reached in and smacked public schools once more — by taking away the $33 million going to district-sponsored charter schools — like Payson Center for Success.

The House reluctantly agreed to restore that funding — but the Senate will likely balk.

Come on, guys. Enough. Accept the governor’s budget, even if it means you have to go a whole year without inflicting fresh damage on our long-suffering public school system. We’re dead last in per-student spending. Be satisfied with that.

We’d report you to Child Protective Services for child neglect — except we heard they don’t have enough caseworkers to answer the phone.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 9 months ago

Pay particular attention to the second paragraph in the article.. I don't believe the state legislature feels simply continuing to throw money at the problem is the answer. Like the "race card", playing the "it's for the children" card is more and more frequently falling on deaf ears because it has been beat to death as an epithet.


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