Epa Is A Rogue Agency



The Environmental Protection Agency is the nation’s leading job killer, implementing and enforcing laws that impose impossible regulation burdens on American businesses. EPA has perverted the Clean Air Act by declaring carbon dioxide a “pollutant” despite the plain intent of the laws’ authors to exclude such naturally occurring gases and despite major flaws in science used to claim carbon dioxide endangers human health.

This local paper the Payson Roundup had an excellent article by Mr. Crandell explaining the good side of carbon dioxide, without it there would be no plant life or even human life. Mr. Al Gore states that: 1. By changing our light bulbs, we can save polar bears. 2. By using electric cars we can stop seas from rising. 3. By building wind turbine towers, we can make hurricanes less severe. The good news is contrary to what Mr. Gore says, our professors and political leaders tell us, global warming is natural and cars, trucks and light bulbs are innocent. Mr. Gore made himself a multi-millionaire by spreading his propaganda worldwide. He and Nancy Pelosi would make a good pair.

Ed Welge

Editor’s note: Some 97 percent of climate scientists agree the planet is warming, probably due to pollutants in the atmosphere. The United Nations Monday issued a 2,610-page report summarizing the evidence that without reductions in emissions impacts from global warming “could get out of control.”


Ted Paulk 2 years, 9 months ago

Oh Oilman Eddy, How you rave...have you forgotten when the rivers in Ohio were catching fires almost daily and there were no fish in the northeast waters due to pollution? I see you and State stooge for the big energy lobby, Chester Crandall are both in the same ignorant rut...NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!!!


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