Barton Not A True Voice For Rim Country Majority



There are two types of so-called “representatives” in our Legislature and Congress. One attempts to work hard to address local issues by helping to resolve problems or initiate beneficial policies or programs. The other type is only interested in using their office to promote or advance personal philosophical agendas.

The evidence strongly suggests that Brenda Barton is the latter. Payson and Gila County have many issues that need to be addressed, from unemployment to school funding. The records shows that Mrs. Barton spends the majority of her time attempting to advance such “local” issues as mandating that guns be allowed in courtrooms or other public gathering places. She would even punish any community that did not strongly enforce such a law.

She spent a lot of time and energy creating and pushing for a law that would make it difficult to document and apprehend individuals who mistreat Arizona cattle. This was later greatly amended to reflect a more common sense approach, but the vast numbers of Payson ranchers must have followed this process breathlessly.

She had the amazing gall to claim she recently “rescued” her bill to allow Payson to borrow at low rates for the water pipeline. Her fumbling had created the crisis in the first place, of course.

She has used her pulpit to claim that America is like Nazi Germany and our president is like Hitler, showing, if nothing else, her ignorance of facts, but “representing” apparently a faction of supporters who urge her on. To the present, she refuses to apologize for such slanderous remarks.

She insists on using her position to advance her personal prejudices. Her stamp is on virtually every piece of controversial legislation proposed by a state Legislature that has become a national joke.

An increasing number of local voters are beginning to understand what is going on. Even people from her own political party are embarrassed and have scouted around for a replacement. Mrs. Barton appears only interested in playing to a specific crowd that also wants to push their narrow personal prejudices. History shows that this tide can’t stay high indefinitely. In the meantime, many good folks in Payson will go without representation.

Noble Collins


Ted Paulk 2 years, 9 months ago

Well said and factual. Only crazier thing than this "politician" is Sen Chester Crandall and his refusal to accept that global warming exists. However; be advised, Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shemp will soon arrive with their box of broken crayons to tell you how smart this lady teabagger is and how she only left her home in Safford to educate the dumb liberals of Gila County; the ones seeking a decent education for their children and freedom from getting shot at church or a dinner out. Thanks again Mr. Collins.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 9 months ago

Want to know what Leftists are like, simply read Ted's posts. It speaks volumes and pretty much substantiates everything they deny they are.


Ted Paulk 2 years, 9 months ago

Like I said Larry showed quickly, but must have attracted a new 5th one who's liven good:) Keep on believing that these pawns of big business are here to help ya'll...


Mel Mevis 2 years, 9 months ago

Vote ........ In the primary and then in the general election. If you can't replace her with a moderate Republican in the primary then vote in a liberal Democrat in the general election.

She needs to go back to Safford ........


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