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“Pending bills could undo local officials’ budget plans” — This article by Mr. Aleshire was an eye-opener concerning how bills introduced by Rep. Barton and Sen. Crandell will harm the town of Payson budget (even more than they already have hurt our town by withholding education and infrastructure dollars) by forcing the city to spend money so people can carry guns to council meetings, sue the town when zoning changes are made, and discouraging energy efficient homes (because “global warming is a hoax” according to Chester).

My question is, “Where are the voices of the police chief, the mayor, the county supervisors, and all the council members?

Their silence on these important topics is deafening! Would you guys please step up?

My next question is how do these people (Barton, Crandell and Gosar) keep getting re-elected?

Ted Paulk


don evans 2 years, 9 months ago

They get elected because they are not trying to redefine the Constitution and expand Governmental control over all aspects of one's life. You know, like the Demigod's in DC and the White House. Better get used to it, the pendulum is swinging back after 8 years of incompetence, lack of transparency, socialist ideology agendas, corruption, and confiscatory taxes of the producers so as to give it to the I want to be taken care of losers.


Michael Alexander 2 years, 9 months ago

Knowing full well that in Ted Paulk's response to Pete Aleshire's article, "Pending Bills Could Undo Local Officials’ Budget Plans" (Apr 4), his question as to how State Senator Chester Crandell and State Representative Brenda Barton keep getting re-elected was rhetorical, I simply cannot ignore his implication that the bills he mentioned, which both the senator and the representative support, do not enjoy enormous public backing.

SB 1227, the Energy Efficient Standards legislation, takes nothing away from anyone. To the contrary, it returns to the home owner / builder the choice of which features to include in the home, without piling on any additional unfunded local government mandates. Decreased construction costs translate into lower purchase prices, and I'll vote for that every time!

HB 2517, the bill clarifying Firearms Preemption Penalties, simply extends the respect and presumption of innocence that all legally-permitted, gun-owning American citizens deserve. If a local elected public official is afraid of an armed citizen for no other reason than the fact that he is armed, that citizen should not be deprived of his rights nor bear any costs whatsoever in deference to that official's fear. And possibly, that official should run from office rather than for it. That's another yes vote in my book!

And lastly, HB 2448, the Property Rights bill, puts local government on notice that if a regulation can be shown to be arbitrary, burdensome, and has negatively impacted the market value of a property, the town can be held liable for the loss. If a lawmaker, like the two mentioned above, approaches his job with the understanding that the actions he takes have real consequences to his constituents, then there, Mr. Paulk, is someone who has my vote!

Michael Alexander


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