Barton Attack Untruthful



A letter writer asserts that (Arizona representative Brenda) “Barton (is) not a true voice for Rim Country majority” (Roundup, April 4) and that she is more interested in advancing her personal philosophical agenda than in helping to resolve problems or initiate beneficial policies or programs.

I don’t know what country the writer is referring to, but Gila County has a Republican majority, and Rep. Barton is a Republican. Most of the Republicans I know believe she is doing a very good job of legislating to preserve the rights of the people as sovereign citizens rather than as incompetent herds of barely-conscious fools whose every decision must be monitored and directed from on high ... by Democrats, of course.

Her “personal philosophical agenda,” as referenced by the writer, is a good one: It favors the founding principle that the exclusive, singular, absolutely only reason for government to exist is to protect the rights of the people. Not to solve their problems for them, not to monitor, oversee, or interfere with the exercise of their fundamental rights, which are outside the reach of government authority, but to guarantee to them the liberty to solve their own problems and take responsibility for the consequences, good or bad.

This is the third or fourth slanderous “hit piece” against Rep. Brenda Barton from this particular letter writer since she accurately describ­ed America under Obama as looking a lot like the early days of Germany under Hitler.

Everything he has said about Rep. Barton has failed the test of truthfulness and legitimacy, and it is getting tiresome and embarrassing for his party.

Donald L. Cline


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