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It seems to me that Chester Crandell has forgotten who he represents and works for.

The question is not is global warming real, but how will improving energy efficient standards impact the pocketbook of the people who vote for him. Anything that we do to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and cars will make America safer and put dollars in our pockets.

As an example, I just traded in my 2001 Toyota for a 2005 Toyota and saw an immediate savings of just over 10 percent. This might not sound like much, but when it cost almost $50 to fill up the car a 10 percent savings will mean real money in my pocket every month.

Remember that every dollar you save by not having to pay a utility company is money you can use to buy other things you might need.

I am angry at the graft in Washington, but right here in Payson our own representatives, like Chester Crandell, are taking money from lobbyists and sponsoring legislation that will take money away from us.

So, if you think that Chester Crandell’s bill being sponsored by the Arizona Home Builders is going to put money in your pocket because they will just be nice and build a better more efficient home, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you; otherwise it is time we throw these bums out of office that want to do nothing but hurt the people that vote for them.

Robert Hamer


Donald Cline 2 years, 9 months ago

I think perhaps you have forgotten, if you ever knew, the purpose of a State Senator in the first place. It is not his job to put money in your pocket, though by refusing to require home builders to spend more money, and thus require them to raise the prices for the homes they build, keeps the economy going by enabling them to sell more houses, make more money, hire more people, and thus put more money in your pocket. Remember, every dollar you save when you buy a house is more money you can use to buy other things you need -- and is more money you can put into insulating your house if that's what YOU believe you need. There is no reason why everyone in the State should pay for extras because the State thinks they need them: The State should recognize the rights of the people to make up their own mind what they need and what they can afford. That's why we have government, Robert: To protect the rights of the people to run their own lives, not micromanage their lives from on high.


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