Tax Protest Reactions



I spent four hours on tax day carrying a sign that said “High taxes are bad for Business” — a non-controversial slogan it seems to me. It informs one to watch the reaction of the public, as a fond people watcher and student of human nature I took note of those reactions. Cowboys, to no one’s surprise, are enthusiastic for liberty, prosperity and progress, ditto long-haul truckers with their deep voiced horns. Workmen with pickup trucks cluttered with tools are for rational tax levels. Pretty girls seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of tax rationality. Grand­parents with their decades of life lessons know that my sign speaks the truth.

But not everyone agreed with my sign. I have a safety hint to those fellow citizens on the other side of the argument. When you drive down the Beeline in your Escalade talking on your smartphone, do not use your free hand to give the fickle finger, it isn’t safe. Keep your hands on the wheel.

Oddly — or not — the progressive left staged a parade the day before to bring attention to global warming. No granddads awarded them the fickle finger. Kind of makes you wonder.

Andy McKinney


Ted Paulk 2 years, 9 months ago

Duh, the "progressive left" group was working to save your world. You teabaggers are trying to overthrow my government (how can you run a country without taxes!!) Those FACTS might have something to with your mistreatment. Not all of us who despise the teabaggers drive a's another 1 finger salute for you fools!!! ,,!,,.


dale kasl 2 years, 9 months ago

How is the progressive left saving my world? They want everybody on welfare and beholding to the government.I am in favor of a fairtax and get rid of the IRS along with other government stuff like the EPA and BLM.I won't give you the fickle finger to show your IQ.


don evans 2 years, 9 months ago

Just FYI The guy at the top post has told us he is being encouraged to run for Payson Mayor. Question: How do these people have the time and resources to not have to work for a living? Are they all on some sort of public financial assistance? They started marching on March 1 and hope to end Nov1, that's a long time. I read a connection between Liberal University dogma, Global social activism, and a collective agenda to "change and compel" how you and I live our daily lives. The article mysteriously failed to state how they raise money or who is funding their activity. How come their children don't go to school on this trek? Hope all the man made heat doesn't get to them this summer.


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