Plea Rejection



The Roundup did not give the details of Mr. Mason’s prosecutor plea deal (not yet, of course), but Judge Cahill’s rejection makes sense given Mason’s multiple criminal activities. Sounds like Mr. Mason is a menace to society, considering the varied nature of his criminal acts. He appears to be in dire need of mental/psychiatric help. If that is not forthcoming, a prediction of future unlawful acts is almost to be certain when he is released from the slammer, whenever that occurs.

On another note, recent Roundup articles concerning the disrespect for our courts are disturbing, to say the least. Attorneys and prosecutors alike are, like Cahill, trying to do their jobs, but that does not need to involve rancor and disrespect, with attorneys acting like juveniles that don’t get their way. We have an overabundance of that in Washington, D.C.

I’d like to think our “out in the Wild West” legal professionals have more class than D.C., but then, as we all know, it takes time to grow up.

J. B. Shevlin


Pat Randall 2 years, 9 months ago

Judges need to act differently also. They are much worse than the attorneys because they have the power and get to thinking they can make their own laws and penalties. There should be a term limit for them. Have them climb down off the bench and be an attorney again for awhile if they ever were one.


Susan Imperatrice 2 years, 9 months ago

I sit in the Superior Court in Globe often. I see prosecutors who are respectfully referencing the law and judicial procedure, facing verbal abuse and worse from both Judge Duber and Judge Cahill. If these judges consider being expected to know and follow the law as disrespect then it appears these judges put their own egos over justice. Has anyone had the chance to listen to the entire State Bar hearing for the complaint Judge Duber filed against Prosecutor Shawn Fuller? Listening to that hearing tells the story. You can listen to that hearing at


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