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Don Harmon doesn’t exactly admit he is an addict — a puzzle addict, hooked on Sudoku. But the man has been doing the puzzles for 10 years and now he has written a book about them. It is not a book of puzzles, though it contains plenty. They are there as examples of the distinctive logic needed to solve the puzzles. Harmon’s e-book is “Sudoku (9) Logic for Beginners.”

His friend, Carl Zaby, introduced Harmon to Sudoku. His interest was so deep he went on an Internet search for all the information he could find about how to approach the puzzles.


Puzzle guru Don Harmon

“I felt there was more to them than what I was doing,” he said.

“I found a lot, but not everything. So, I decided to fill in the blanks,” he said about his reason for writing the book.

His goal was to write it in language the most novice of Sudoku explorers could understand. The puzzles he created for examples use words with definitions that can apply to solving other Sudoku pieces, he said.

In the end, the reader will have 25 different thought processes to apply as needed in solving a puzzle, he said.

“It is absolutely perfect for someone with no prior knowledge of Sudoku,” Harmon said.

He worked on the book for a little more than a year. “I kept finding additional approaches with the assistance of others,” he said. “Tom and Tricia Hewitt were very helpful in identifying concepts and proofing the final product.”

Initially, the e-book was going to be available through a small local publisher, but it is now offered through smashwords .com and Barnes & Noble’s Nook system. Harmon said Barnes & Noble sell it for $1.99, but people can also contact him to purchase the e-book at donharmon

He hopes to get it translated into several languages and also plans to write two “sequels” — one for those with intermediate Sudoku skills and another for “masters” of the puzzles.


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