Lawmaker Embraces A Racist And Violent Movement


by Kieran Sucking, executive director, Center for Biological Diversity

Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe issued a statement supporting disgraced, racist rancher Cliven Bundy in which he compared the armed militia movement to America’s founding fathers. The statement repeats discredited theories of the violent, racist posse comitatus movement, raising disturbing questions about Thorpe’s true political agenda.

While conservative leaders across the country are distancing themselves from Cliven Bundy in the wake of his racist rants, Rep. Thorpe is revealing how extreme his politics are by coming to Bundy’s defense, espousing extremist militia movement theories, and calling armed thugs ‘very nice, patriotic people.

Comparing America’s founding fathers to a ranting racist is beyond the pale. Thorpe owes the people of Arizona an apology and an explanation. Everyone — right, left or middle — agrees that violence, intimidation, lawlessness and racism have no place in the American political system. Thorpe’s statement is not just a lapse in judgment, it’s a failure of character and decency.

Bundy has illegally grazed his cattle on public federal lands since 1993 while refusing to pay the minimal federal grazing fee adhered to by the other 26,000 federal land ranchers in the West. He also illegally grazed his cattle on state and private land.

Since 1998, he has been ordered by three federal judges to remove the trespass cattle and stop stealing federal property (i.e. grass and water). Espousing the extremist ideas of the racist posse comitatus movement, Bundy has refused to obey the court orders. Bundy asserts he is not a citizen of the United States, that the federal government and court system has no authority, that he does not follow federal laws, that he will not submit to federal law enforcement, and that the only legal police power belongs to the county sheriff.

Because Bundy has repeatedly threatened federal officials with violence, the 2013 court order expressly prohibited him from physically intervening in federal efforts to round up his trespass cattle. When the BLM went onto the federal land it manages for the American people to round up the illegal, trespass cattle, Bundy violated this order as well and his militia followers aimed semi-automatic rifles and pistols at the federal officials. They announced a plan to use women as human shields if a shoot-out ensued.

The BLM canceled the roundup rather than risk the lives of its employees and private citizens.

Bundy this week made public racist statements saying “the Negro” was better off as a slave. Black men he said, are aborting their children and going to jail because they don’t know how to pick cotton any more. Called to task for the statement, Bundy again repeated that African Americans might be happier as slaves today.

Just as disturbingly, Thorpe’s statement repeats the core beliefs of the posse comitatus movement. The movement denies all federal authority, including land ownership, but especially its police authority. Posse comitatus members believe the county sheriff to be the highest and only rightful police authority and to have a responsibility to disarm all federal police, (as Bundy repeatedly called on them to do).

In his statement, Thorpe espouses these discredited, clearly false legal theories that have led to violence and murder many times in the past four decades:

In addition to terrible judgment, Thorpe’s statement is full of inaccuracies:

  1. The Bundy family has not been “ranching … on the land that they have worked since the 1870s.” Though Bundy has claimed this repeatedly, Thorpe should know that that the media has exposed this as a lie. Bundy moved with his parents to Nevada from Arizona in 1948. They began ranching the land in 1954.

  2. The BLM did not send “hundreds of heavily-armed federal agents” to round up the trespass cattle.

  3. The roundup effort did not “target” Cliven Bundy and was not a “debt collection” process. It did not seek to interact with Bundy in any way. Its one and only mission was to round up trespass cattle on public lands. It was Bundy and his followers who targeted BLM employees by choosing to physically intervene despite a federal court order not to.

  4. There was no environmentalist lawsuit to stop ranching on Bundy’s former grazing allotment.

  5. Removing trespass cattle from BLM land is the responsibility of the BLM. Protecting federal employees threatened by armed, gun-pointing, militia members is the responsibility and duty of federal law enforcement. Thorpe’s statement that this is a “county matter” is a false assertion.

  6. Thorpe says he is “unfamiliar with the merits of the legal case” against Bundy. It has been reported that Bundy has lost his legal case three times in federal court between 1998 and 2013. If Thorpe, having embroiled himself in the issue and even briefed the Arizona Legislature on it, is indeed “unfamiliar” with the case, his credentials as a lawmaker are highly questionable.


Donald Cline 2 years, 8 months ago

On the one hand we have an argument founded in the Constitutional rule of law, supporting the liberty from government abuse and oppression our nation was founded to secure for its citizens.

On the other hand we have the argument that the federal government IS the rule of law, that all property belongs to the federal government, people’s rights and State’s rights are irrelevant to federal control, and if people don’t like it government can post snipers with scoped rifles on a hilltop to murder anyone who resists, TASE citizens protecting their own property, sic dogs onto them, and then, having injured unarmed men and an unarmed pregnant woman, pretend to be the good guys by withdrawing ”in the interests of public safety.”

The total failure of Mr. Sucking’s argument can be seen most obviously when he says “Everyone – right, left, or middle – agrees that violence, intimidation, lawlessness and racism have no place in the American political system.”

Everyone, it seems, except the federal government – and Mr. Sucking, of course, who supports its violence, intimidation, and lawlessness under color of law.

And why does Mr. Sucking play the race card when the carefully-edited New York Times article about Cliven Bundy’s “racist” speech has already been discredited, and Mr. Sucking knows it? In fact, a black member of the Bundy defenders has been interviewed by CNN, in which he asserted that Cliven Bundy "treats him like family."

These contrasting Op-Ed pieces illustrate the growing conflict in America between those who believe in liberty under the Constitutional rule of law and those who lie, fabricate, insult, and employ every deception available in support of their belief that liberty under the rule of law is a mortal insult to authority.

This is not the people rebelling against the federal government. This is the federal government conducting an insurrection against the United States Constitution and the people from whom all political power flows.


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