Meet The Payson Care Center Team

Payson Care Center excels in the treatment of wounds


by Christy VanderMolen, Payson Care Center

When you think of wound care, you may not think how that may relate to you.

When you have even the simplest of surgeries there is an incision. Incisions if not properly treated can develop into a wound. That is why wound care after surgery is a critical part of rehabilitation. An incision can develop into a wound from bacteria, improper sterilization, and contact with dirty hands, clothing, or anything that accumulates bacteria.

The lack of proper treatment to any wound can lead to serious illness, hospitalization, amputation and even death.


Ernestine Crank


Lynette Smith

Payson Care Center’s advanced wound therapy program has been receiving substantial recognition in Northern Arizona. The Closed Pulse Irrigation (CPI) wound treatment program, exclusive to Payson Care Center in Northern Arizona, has significantly improved healing times.

Ernestine Crank, Payson Care Center’s full-time Certified Wound Care Nurse, has been serving Payson Care Center for more than 11 years. Her job is to care for the wounds of patients after surgery, illness or an accident. Ernestine works closely with local surgeons and primary care physicians to assure patients stay infection free and heal quickly.

Payson Care Center employs a full-time speech pathologist.

Lynette Smith has been a speech pathologist since 2001. She is a Payson resident and full-time employee at Payson Care Center.

When asked what she likes about the job, Lynette says, “everything.” As a speech pathologist, Lynette works with patients recovering from strokes, patients with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), traumatic brain injuries, tracheotomies, COPD, cognitive disorders (dementia) and patients suffering from vocal abuse.

Lynette does an evaluation to create an individualized recovery plan. Speech therapy is often a part of a patient’s rehabilitation because a person’s speech abilities are affected by so many illnesses.

Lynette has a special love for working with patients with cognitive disorders. Part of her job is to determine a patient’s ability to communicate and to share that information with the patient’s caregiver.

Lynette said it is very rewarding when she succeeds in getting a patient to effectively communicate with their loved ones.

Lynette is available to speak on “effective communicating” to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s support groups. She can be contacted at the Payson Care Center Therapy Department, (928) 468-7960. Lynette will also be the guest speaker on KMOG’s Rim Country Focus at 9 a.m., Saturday, May 24. She will also be available at that time to answer questions about speech impairments.


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