Kenny Evans, Town Of Payson Mayoral Candidate Profile


Starting as a farm worker, Mr. Evans operated a large farming and agriculture enterprise before his retirement in 1997. An author, inventor and educator, Evans appeared as an expert witness at the state capital and in Washington D.C. more than three dozen times. He is a nationally recognized expert on the subjects of western water and the use of technology to minimize negative impacts of traditional farming on the environment. His farming enterprise was recognized by industry and environmental groups for wise stewardship and conservation of water and natural resources. Mr. Evans served at the State Cabinet level under several Arizona governors.

He accumulated many years of service on the Board of Directors or as an officer of more than a dozen diverse public companies and private corporations. In addition to serving the past 6 years as the Mayor of Payson, Mayor Evans is currently President of the largest Non-Profit in the region and serves on the Payson Regional Hospital Board of Trustees. As Chairman of the Northern Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (NAMWUA), he represents the nine major cities in north-central Arizona on municipal water issues. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Arizona League of Cities & Towns, on the State Municipal Tax Code Commission and on the state Bioscience Steering Committee and the Gila County Extension Board.

He works tirelessly to improve the quality of life we enjoy. He has focused on issues ranging from forest health to fire prevention and human health, wellness and education issues. He has been instrumental in starting or promoting the Community Health & Care Fair, the Women’s Wellness Forum, the Payson Area Food Drive (generating hundreds of thousands of dollars & thousands of pounds of food for the needy); the Payson Community Garden – one of the most successful in the State; and in bringing a Dialysis Center to Payson. He continues to work to bring a four year University to Payson. He has brought many jobs and millions of dollars in grants to the community. His successful efforts to keep the Tonto Natural Bridge open received national attention. He has worked to secure a permanent, sustainable water supply for the Town by completing the Sever and Transfer and beginning construction of the Cragin pipeline. He initiated and has negotiated a global water settlement agreement with the Tonto Apache Tribe.

From migrant farm worker to corporate executive, he has been blessed and privileged to live the American dream. He never forgets his humble beginnings nor fails to give credit to God and the good folks with whom he has been privileged to work for the blessings he has received. His lovely wife Linda is also active in Payson education and volunteer work. They had five children and have ten thoroughly spoiled grandchildren.


BS in Agriculture, BA in Education, honorary doctorate in Environmental Science

FBL Financial Group, Western Management Corporation, Western Agricultural Insurance Company (President for 12 years), The Herman Company, Yuma Mesa Fruit Growers, Inc., Western Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, Ag Tech Company, Suburban Sanitation, Inc., Western Computer Services and a number of other related enterprises.

Farming and Ranching Experience – 11,000+ acres of irrigated farmland in Western United States and Mexico raising citrus, grains, vegetables, alfalfa, corn, watermelon, etc. - - ranching operation included 940 sections of grazing land in New Mexico and Arizona - - 12,300 AUM (Animal Units per Month), from late 1970’s through 1995).


Past President of Desert Trails Council Boy Scouts of America

Past Chairman Yuma County Chamber of Commerce

Past President Yuma County Farm Bureau

Past Vice President Arizona Farm Bureau Federation

Past President Yuma Mesa Citrus Club & Arizona Crop Improvement Association

Past Chairman State Advisory Board for Agricultural Education

Past Arizona Boll-Weevil Advisory Committee Member

Past National Citrus Advisory Committee Member

Past National Fire Ant Advisory Committee Member

Past Chairman National Agricultural Labor Advisory Committee (Immigration)

Past Chairman Yuma Private Industry Council

Past State Vice-Chairman of the Arizona Private Industry Council

Past Director Arizona State 4-H Foundation

Past Chairman of the 1st Annual Yuma County Town Hall

Past Vice Chairman Yuma Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

Past Chairman of the Arizona Department of Agriculture (Ag & Hort. Commission)

Founding Director of the Arizona Food and Fiber Alliance

Past President of Arizona Farm Bureau Federation

American Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors

American Farm Bureau Agriculture Technology Committee Chairman

American Farm Bureau Federation Executive Committee (5.5 million member organization)

Chairman of the Arizona State Agriculture and Horticulture Commission/Arizona Dept of Ag under several governors


Who's Who in America, Outstanding Young Man in America, Who's Who in Government 1988, 1991 International Who's Who of Intellectuals

Scouting’s BSA District Award of Merit for Outstanding Service to Youth

Scouting’s BSA Silver Beaver Award

University of Arizona Centennial Outstanding Alumni Award

Yuma High Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture Award 1986

Phoenix Valley Leadership's 1987 Outstanding Arizona Farmer Award

Federal EPA Award of Excellence for Environmental Protection

American Farm Bureau’s Environmental Protection Idea of the Year 1990

Agriculturalist of the Year (1995) presented by Arizona Association FFA

Top Producer Magazine’s (1995) National Outstanding Farmer of the Year

Arizona FFA Man of the Year (1995 & 2003)

2014 University of Arizona Extension Centennial Award

He is knowledgeable in the application of G.P.S. and G.I.S. and multi-spectral imaging technologies in the management of large commercial enterprises including: farming, ranching, natural resource and recycling projects – concepts and tools that are just now being considered in urban management. He is a nationally recognized expert on utilization of technology to minimize the negative impacts of traditional resource usage on the environment.

For more than three decades he was recognized as an innovator in employing emerging computer and other advanced technologies to create efficient regulatory reporting, reliable billing and effective job flow in several different industries (agriculture, chemical manufacturing, essential oils and industrial feed stocks, municipal solid waste disposal, computer hardware and software manufacturing, municipal biosolids, recycling, insurance [health, life, casualty – company president], banking, financial services), using a small but highly efficient work force. He succeeded where others struggled by effectively communicating objectives and inspiring employees to integrate computer and software solutions in order to create uniquely designed technical applications tailored to meet specific business needs and requirements.


Pat Randall 2 years, 5 months ago

This report written for evans has shown that he is involved in way to many things to be mayor again. He was too busy the last terms making deals without the council knowing what he was doing and hasn't accomplished anything that has helped the town. Only a few small groups. Does he not know what one term means? Lets give someone else a chance that doesn't have so many irons in the fire. There was a dialysis center before he came and one was coming. I thought the people running for office were supposed to be answering questions and saying what they wanted to do for the town. Not have some one writing a glowing report on them.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 5 months ago

Pat, Did the council run the Payson Feed Store out of business in support of the box stores? What is his actual plan for this town if he is re-elected, do you know? Have they solicited a ROI (request for information) from the actual town people to see what they want or get ideas from them? Are the schools in better shape under Mayor Evens? Do the children have more activities to keep them busy and out of trouble or is that just all a policing activity now? Do private golf courses get special water deals while the average "lowly" people in town pay premium price?


Pat Randall 2 years, 5 months ago

Robbin I have no clue why the Payson Feed Store went out of business. None of my business anyway. How would the town do it? It probably went out of business for lack of customers but I don't think the town controls that. If you have noticed there are businesses that are opening and closing everywhere in Payson.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 5 months ago

Pat, Yes I have noticed. I found out today that Payson Feed was sold. I just know they lost a lot of business when Pet Box stores moved in. I was just curious, I'm funny that way. They lost customers for better deals, that's the American way. I most definitely do not think the town counsel would do anything like run a business out of Town intentionally, but there are others who would.


Pat Randall 2 years, 5 months ago

Everyone complains about big box stores then all go to them. I am going to shop where I get the best price. They also hire more people than a small store. It is called progress and tax dollars. Small stores can't keep a big enough inventory. If the big box stores weren't here everyone would be complaining about that. Some people just like to b----.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 5 months ago

Pat, Some people like to do more than b----. Those box stores do not pay living wages, so the tax payers have to provide food stamps and housing assistance for the employees. You may think your getting a cheaper price, but you have to pay higher taxes to support the employees of those businesses. This multi-national "human resource" model brought to us by Hilary Clinton when she was on the Wal-Mart board IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY. It was kind of the Clintons to send all the factories to China, this is "globalization" strategy. So, the more the multi-nationals are supported, the more this country gets diminished. Seriously, it is death by a thousand cut's so people can save a "buck".


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