Change Is Good



Have you ever heard of the saying “change is good!”? Have you ever sat with a group of people and hear that they are tired of hearing “When the college comes ...”

Perhaps you have heard the talk about the water issues and the pipeline. Did you know that the grant money is now gone?

Seems to be a lot of shady business going on, and not fixing of problems.

I have seen some things that are disturbing such as:

Our police department being understaffed and our police personnel working overtime, therefore being burned out.

Here is one ... The fire department not being able to do hydrant checks on fire hydrants because there is a water shortage. But hey, let’s water the golf country clubs with drinking water. Having a hydrant work during a fire would be so much more beneficial. But it’s just a fire right?

I also think that the WUI needs to be implemented. Our town would be in a safer environment.

Have you ever just watched Bob Lockhart help someone like a child shop for probably the only Christmas present; they may get? I have. He loves to see the smiles on little ones. So the sign calling him Chicago Bob sounds like some may be a little jealous of the fact that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

Have you ever been around Chris Higgins and his Scoops store? You will always see people in there and it is a good environment for teenage kids. His Christian values are worn off on all that have encounters with him and his family. Chris will bend over backwards in helping those who need support and his generosity is above and beyond for those who are in need or wanting to support something; like cancer research and drug abuse.

Charlene Brown volunteers her time with donations to help with organizations in this community. She is dedicated to keeping historical values alive in this town, and organizations such as Special Olympics and domestic violence. She is a true believer in keeping the public servants safe and sound. She also knows exactly what has happened to our town employees.

Randy Roberson is a leader that will listen to the people. He will listen to the concerns of all of Payson. He will hold employees accountable for their actions and treat our town employees with dignity. Our public servants are the reason for safety and are the reason for so many actions behind the scenes.

I think if you take the time to let these people work for you, the taxpayers, you just may see more growth, and things coming back to the Town of Payson. Let “change” make Payson the Best Event Capital of the Southwest.

When you see one of those signs, remember that the people I have spoken about will work harder for this town. Remember, change is good.

Stacey Lawrence


H. Wm. Rhea III 2 years, 5 months ago

Let's all be honest, the last politician that talked about change, is running our country into the ground. The challengers all want to keep Payson from growing - from going forward. They throw around accusations, just as the writer of this letter does, without any proof. Personally, I don't want that kind of politician running Payson, so I hope they lose.


Mike Raynor 2 years, 5 months ago

The town of Payson sold Water at 1/3 of the going rate and locked in the price for 10 years knowing costs are going to increase. Sorry every one whom agreed with that should be voted out of office.

If any of the Town Council or Mayor have accepted campaign funds from the Sweet Heart deals, then they should also be ran out of town! (Preferably tarred and feathered like our fore fathers did.)

With the new Town council and Mayor, they will need to go over all sweet heart deals and correct the contracts.


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