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I don’t usually discuss my politics, but I am making an exception and endorsing Chuck Walker for Superior Court judge for Gila County.

I have known Chuck for about 20 years and am impressed with him as a humanitarian, as well as an attorney.

For many years he has worked with and for Time Out, Inc., the local shelter for victims of family violence, on a pro bono basis.

He and his family have attended many functions for the shelter, as well.

He supports the community in a variety of ways.

Please consider Chuck Walker when you vote for Superior Court judge for Gila County

Jean Oliver


John Naughton 2 years, 5 months ago

I have been asked by Time Out, Inc., President of the Board, Donna Lahti to clarify that, according to Section 8.2 of the Time Out bylaws, endorsement of any candidate is prohibited.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 5 months ago

John, Is there anything that is not prohibited? There are so many rules and laws I doubt it is possible to get out of bed in the morning without violating some rule, law, ordinance, code, regulation or opinion:-)


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