Mogollon Health Alliance: “Heart Of The Community”


Mogollon Health Alliance staff, Special to the Roundup

“Every community needs both a head and a heart. If Payson’s head is the Town, then clearly its heart is the Mogollon Health Alliance,” says Mayor Kenny Evans, president of the Mogollon Health Alliance on the organization’s Web site. 

MHA has evolved over the past 12 years into a multi-faceted community service organization with lofty goals and objectives and with many accomplishments.

As the non-profit community leader in promoting and enhancing rural health care issues, MHA has been an innovator and facilitator in a number of critical areas throughout Northern Gila County and across the state. 

MHA has been a leader in providing training and equipment to First Responder Units throughout the region. Tens of thousands of dollars have been given in grants to assist rural fire departments, firefighters and other first responders in the region.

With an intense and focused effort, Mogollon Health Alliance was successful in inducing DaVita to open a much-needed Dialysis Center in Payson. Additionally, MHA continues to provide supplemental physical and financial assistance to dialysis patients in the community. 

As a core mission and objective, MHA has promoted women’s wellness through the years. For more than a decade, MHA has promoted and publicized women’s health issues through programs such as the Women’s Wellness Forum and the Rural Women’s Health Network.

Mogollon Health Alliance has developed into a leader in enhancing access to rural health care. 

As the owner and lessor of the Payson Hospital, MHA’s board and staff are charged with monitoring and working with the hospital to help ensure that the needs of the region are being met. As a result of MHA’s involvement with the Gila Community College Nursing Education Program, many locally trained and educated nurses have been hired to serve in the community.   

Through the use of scholarships and program enhancements, students have been able to get the education they need in their own community. In addition, through activities such as sponsorship of the Payson Health and Care Fair and programs to provide car seats and bike helmets free of charge, MHA has promoted awareness of, and access to, health care and child safety. 

Mogollon Health Alliance has attained the success it enjoys in large part because of its efforts at recruiting good staff and sound board members from those who are proven leaders in business, volunteer groups and community service organizations. The mission of the Mogollon Health Alliance is to promote rural health care and health education opportunities for members of the community through programs, activities, grant and scholarships.

It achieves this mission by:

• Ascertaining the health education needs of the Rim communities;

• Increasing community members’ awareness of potential health problems through health fairs and forums;

• Educating community members about preventative health measures;

• Providing the means for community members to obtain education in health related careers through our scholarship program;

• Establishing programs that address the health education needs of the community.

Accomplishments of MHA over the years:

• Brought a dialysis center back to Payson;

• MHAXIII Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Program;

• Yearly scholarships for health related education;

• Grants to local fire departments for emergency response personnel education and training;

• Plasma vision screen for Arizona Telemedicine Program at Payson Regional Medical Center in conjunction with the Tonto Apache Tribe;

• Co-Presenter/Sponsor of Women’s Wellness Forums;

• Co-Presenter/Sponsor of the Community Health Fair;

• Funding for Youth Survival Education Program for Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Squad;

• Community health education classes including CPR and First Aid;

• Funding for Parenting Classes;

• Funding for Cadaver Lab to educate emergency response personnel;

• Vial of Life Program;

• Rim communities needs assessment;

• Gracie Lee Haught Children’s Memorial Fund medical assistance grants;

• Bicycle safety programs in area schools;

• Infant car seats;

• Classroom space for the nursing program in the Gracie Lee Haught Education Resource Center.


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