The Need For Calculus



In response to another writer’s reply to my letter regarding calculus. The writer should research “private colleges” on calculus requirements.

Very few private colleges “require” but only “recommend” calculus.

Harvard does neither.

The breakdown of high school graduates that go on to higher education: 28 percent, community or technical colleges; 21 percent state colleges; 20 percent private colleges; 3 percent career.

Bottom line: 60 percent of all college freshmen don’t graduate in four years.

Hence: calculus “may help” with their goal to graduate, but will be just a small help if any.

William Clayton


Rex Hinshaw 2 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Clayton, You have totally missed the point. Other countries such as China,Japan,Korea are raising the educational bar. It's is not about college's about competing in the future. We should strive for the best education in the world....not dumb it down.


Mike White 2 years, 11 months ago

I wish Calculus had been offered as an option way back when I went to high school in Phoenix. I struggled mightily with it in college, competing against other students who had it in high school and could therefore keep up with the frenzied pace.


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