Voting Process Corrupted



I had an occasion to go into the local recorder’s office recently and as the clerks were very efficiently serving me, my eyes were drawn to a collection of posters on the wall. These posters were reminiscent of the old posters you used to see in the post office, city hall, government offices and even up in shop windows. They celebrated our privilege to vote and encouraged all citizens to register. Uncle Sam pointed out that it was our patriotic duty as citizens to vote. Both political parties were joined in their belief that all Americans should participate in this great ideal of democracy.

Unfortunately this no longer seems to be the case in many Republican states. Rather than supporting and encouraging voter registration drives, some states have made it so difficult to conduct them that many organizations have just given up and no longer have them. And they have added many more requirements for registering that were never required before. And these requirements disproportionately affect the elderly, the poor and minorities.

The justification for these restrictions is stated as a means to stop voter fraud. However, every investigation into voter fraud has determined that this is an unfounded concern — the actual number of fraudulent voters is miniscule, certainly much less than the number of qualified voters that are blocked from voting because of these restrictions.

And just in case too many of these voters have jumped through the required hoops and will likely show up to vote, then those states strive to make that as difficult as possible. They have cut back on early voting, weekend voting and often assure that areas that serve poor, rural or minority neighborhoods have fewer voting places, resulting in long lines that often mean that it can take all day to vote.

It is no longer enough to pervert our elections by gerrymandering the electoral districts to favor one’s political party, they must also corrupt the voting process itself.

I was raised in Alabama during the 1950s and ’60s and I can recognize an effort to make sure that only people that are likely to vote as the state wants them to are able to easily cast their vote.

Uncle Sam must be so proud.

Wendy Trainor


H. Wm. Rhea III 2 years, 11 months ago

Sorry Wendy, but you're WRONG. People should have to be citizens to vote and if they are, then they should have to show to appropriate documentation to vote. They have to have it for other societal norms like driving, banking, etc... AND THEN THEY SHOULD GO VOTE.

Voter registration is a waste of time and resources and mostly only helps one party, the Democrats, who otherwise wouldn't get a good turnout, unless something riles them up. The Republicans tend to get out more, but suffer from the same problem.

If people don't vote, when they're able to, then it's their own DAMN fault when things go bad. We don't need to waste time registering people who don't think their civic duty (registering and voting) is important enough to do on their own.

As for Uncle Sam, you're right. The fictional character probably isn't happy, but not for the reason you think. And our Founding Fathers are probably really ticked at us for letting people get away with stupid ideas like voter registration just because people are too apathetic to exercise the rights that they fought to give us.


Mike White 2 years, 11 months ago

Why does this author blame Republicans for governments trying to ensure only legal citizens vote? Is it because she wants the illegals to vote, knowing they will do so for her Democrat Party? She is also very wrong in her claims that there is no significant voter fraud going on. Has she ever been to CA?


Dale 2 years, 11 months ago

Yes, Wendy, Your beloved Marxist "Democrats" have polluted the voting process for years. Only in Democrat controlled districts can 150% of the registered voters vote for the Muslim Traitor for Dictator. Only in Democrat controlled districts can 100% of the votes go to the Marxist Dictator, Barack Hussein Obama! Only in Democrat controlled districts like Illinois and DC can long dead people continue to elect Democrat thugs to office. Yes, Wendy, You may be right. Republicans want only qualified citizens to be allowed to vote instead of the millions of illegal aliens you think should be allowed to destroy the country!!!

I know facts are uncomfortable for you Obamabot zombies, but I hope you can pull your leftist head out of Obama's backside and realize what this wannabe dictator is doing!


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