Still Mucked Up

Computer snafu still snarling up county collection



Gila County Treasurer Debora Savage

Gila County Treasurer Deborah Savage could not give the board of supervisors a firm answer when asked if the problems that delayed tax bills would be fixed.

The tax bills for 2013 were delayed for several months this fall. When they finally went out, property owners had additional time to pay. The two things combined caused a lag in revenues to already hard-pressed special districts.

Savage blamed the delay on computer problems.

In fact, Savage’s office is still dealing with issues in some 2013 tax bills. She said her office has discovered incorrect information on about 250 manufactured homes in mobile home parks.

“Information was pulled from 2009 exemptions instead of 2013,” she said. “We’re working on something to fix it en masse,” she added.

“Will we go through it next year?” District 1 Supervisor Tommie Martin asked.

“I can’t promise (that). The system is still a work in progress,” Savage replied.

“We have heard the same argument every year for the last five years. I want the manager to direct IT, the assessor and treasurer and the consultants to get together and get it fixed. I don’t want to go through this crap again,” District 2 Supervisor and board chairman Mike Pastor said, clearly irritated.

Savage said the systems used by her office and the assessor’s are different. She can’t pull information from their system and they can’t pull information from hers. Further, the county’s IT department can’t write programs to make pulling the information from the two systems possible.


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