Addictive Types Will Always Get Addicted



Recently we read a letter from a gentleman who stated he worked at a firm that employed convicts and recovering drug addicts. He said that all the workers started on pot. They began on pot and after that thrill diminished they moved on to harder drugs. I’d wager that if he’d dug a little deeper he’d discovered that they all began on beer and harder alcohol.

By the U.S. government’s own statistics 98.7 percent of all people on hard drugs drank beer first. Does this mean that beer is a gateway drug?

Perhaps his workers found out that the government was lying about pot so they were probably lying about cocaine, heroin, crack, etc. and they moved onto these too. Maybe the workers were from lower socioeconomic stratas where drug dealers were common and sometimes the only available option for employment.

I have personally known dozens of persons who once smoked pot and gave it up as casually as one quit any habit. I have also known addictive people who became addicted to whatever they came into contact with. They smoked cigarettes, then became alcoholics, then when they wrecked cars, destroyed marriages, they managed to quit and moved to the peace and love drug, marijuana. But when they encountered the harder stuff they eagerly jumped onto this bandwagon. One man had holes in his carpet because he couldn’t afford new, yet he still shelled out $200 a week for his cocaine habit. Addictive people will always be addicted.

I grow amused with all this furor about pot from people who still believe the government and big business lie about a plant that civilizations have utilized and enjoyed for thousands of years. When booze was re-legalized did they have all this blather? Did they say, “We are going to legalize a drug that will destroy families, cause untold traffic deaths and fights; this drug will cause destitution, unemployment and ruin careers? But we are all for it! Enjoy!”

Leon Chamberlain


Meria Heller 2 years, 11 months ago

well said.Everyone should watch Ken Burns series "Prohibition" and see how much good that does...


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